11FL is the 11th floor in Tower of Frozen Waves.


This stage is one of the easy stage, where there are no moving platforms/obstacles that may distract players while running.


Collect at least 160 Frozen Bear JelliesEdit

Reward: Coin 001 6000

Jellyco Cube's Lost Jellyco Ninja Cookie's Tree Leaf

Any treasure that may generate a Jellyco shower
Any treasure that gives extra jumps

There are enough Frozen Bear Jellies to collect in this stage, assuming players collect all the All-Frozen Bear Jellies and most Frozen Bear Jellies created from that (that means not hitting any obstacle nor falling into any hole while the changing is in effect). To ensure success, treasures that may generate a Jellyco shower, such as Jellyco Cube's Lost Jellyco, may help providing more Frozen Bear Jellies when they destroy the obstacles while All-Frozen Fear Jelly Parties are in effect. Furthermore, treasures that give extra jumps, such as Ninja Cookie's Tree Leaf, will be useful for collecting the jellies in the air too, thus adding the numbers of the jellies to collect.

Collect at least 333 regular JelliesEdit

Reward: Boost Set 1

Jellyco Cube's Lost Jellyco Ninja Cookie's Tree Leaf

Any treasure that may generate a Jellyco shower
Any treasure that gives extra jumps

This mission is the reverse of the first mission. During this mission, it is important for players not to collect any All-Frozen Bear Jelly as best as they can, as collecting them will change the regular jellies into Frozen Bear Jellies. Interestingly, the treasures that may help here are the same with first mission albeit with different purposes. The treasures with Jellyco shower effect will help providing more regular jellies (rather than providing Frozen Bear Jellies), while the treasure with extra jumps effect will help avoiding All-Frozen Bear Jellies without hitting any obstacle (rather than collecting jellies).

Perform Double Jump at least 50 timesEdit

Reward: MP 800

Protection Ring of Fire Sacred Protection Ring of Fire Flaming Red Jellyco Snow Blossom's Sparkling Crust Drenched Drink

Any treasure that destroys obstacles
Any treasure that may form Ice Bridges
Any treasure that revives or lifts from holes

This mission is quite simple, and there are quite many selection of treasures for players to choose here in order to help them completing it more easily. For one, they can choose Protection Ring of Fire and/or its evolved form, Sacred Protection Ring of Fire, which can destroy obstacles prior collision for a number of times. Next, players can choose some treasures that destroy obstacles, such as Flaming Red Jellyco, to open the path so they can jump more freely. They also can choose treasures that may form Ice Bridges, such as Snow Blossom's Sparkling Crust, so that the holes will not bother them too much, and they can pass them more easily. And just in case, players can also equip a treasure that revive or lift from holes, such as Drenched Drink or Dreaming Choco Donut of Life.


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