19FL is the 19th floor in Tower of Frozen Waves.


This stage has some Magnet Jellies that will be crucial in both completing the missions and avoiding obstacles (the same with 18FL), so it is advisable not to miss any.


Destroy at least 237 obstaclesEdit

Reward: Brown Fortune Dough 1

Protection Ring of Fire Sacred Protection Ring of Fire

Any treasure that destroy obstacles

While the concept of destroying obstacles is pretty simple, the execution for this mission might be tricky. In this stage, some jellies that destroy obstacles, like Coin Jelly and Giant Jelly, are placed very close to obstacles, so players have to jump extra carefully to get them. Players also need to catch the Magnet Jellies, as the magnet will help to attract Coin Jellies or Giant Jellies that are placed in difficult places.

Of course, equipping some treasures that destroy obstacles would not hurt either. Protection Ring of Fire and Flaming Red Jellyco are some treasures that can be used here, as they will help destroying obstacles, thus makes the mission easier to complete.

Collect at least 12 Giant Bear JelliesEdit

Reward: MP 800

Protection Ring of Fire Sacred Protection Ring of Fire

Any treasure that destroy obstacles

This mission can be completed even without the help of treasures, but just in case, players might need some treasures that destroy obstacles (the very same treasures used in the first mission above). There are exactly 12 Giant Bear Jellies on this stage, and the treasures here are used to help clear the path and allow players to collect the Giant Bear Jellies more freely.

Collect at least 100 Gold CoinsEdit

Reward: Elixir of Experience L Elixir of Experience (L)

Shiny Golden Nunchaku Alchemist Cookie beaded brooch Antique Magic Pot Flaming Red Jellyco

Any treasure that may generate winged Coins for destroying an obstacle
Any treasure that give a Gold Coins Boost
Any treasure that may generate Coin Flowers
Any treasure that destroy obstacles

There are several ways to complete this mission, and players may choose it depends on what treasure(s) they have and their preferred play.

First, to make use of the fact that there are quite many jellies that destroy obstacles on this floor (like Coin Jellies), players can equip some treasures that may generate winged Coins for destroying an obstacle, such as Shiny Golden Nunchaku. Second, because there are many Coin Jellies here, players can also equip some treasures that give a Gold Coin Boost, like Alchemist Cookie's Beaded Brooch. This kind of treasure will make some Silver Coins made by Coin Jelly turn into Gold Coins, depends on its upgrade level. Next, of course, players can also equip treasures that may generate Coin Flowers, such as Antique Magic Pot. This last one is probably the most favorite way for most players when it comes to collecting-Gold-Coin missions.

Mixing those strategies above might give better result. It is also advisable to also equip a treasure that can destroy obstacles, like Flaming Red Jellyco, to clear the path as the players collect the Gold Coins.

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