Welcome to 1FL, the very first Floor of Tower of Frozen Waves. Before proceeding to the missions, please make sure you have read Tower of Frozen Waves page first to know what you should expect and prepare from this Episode. Beyond that, let’s start the run!


This stage is the first stage of the episode and may appear easier than other stages as it is an introductory stage.


Reach Frozen GateEdit

Reward: CookieRunCrystal 1

Any treasure

It’s simple. Players only need to reach the Gate before the Cookie runs out of Energy. There are obviously obstacles along the way, but as long as players keep following the Jelly trail, it would be very easy to complete this mission.

Enter Bonus Time at least onceEdit

Reward: Key 2

Any treasure

There are enough letters to spell out "BONUSTIME" on this Floor, and again, as long as players keep following the Jelly trail, completing this mission would be a breeze.

Collect at least 900 jelliesEdit

Reward: Silver Fortune Dough 1

Valiant Firecracker Jelly Burning Heat Infused Jellyco Yellow Seed Sprouts

Any treasure that generates a Jellyco shower
Any treasure that generates Coin Flowers

1FL will provide all the jellies needed to finish the floor, as there are more than 900 jellies for the player to collect. However, using treasures that generate a Jellyco missile such as Valiant Firecracker Jelly, or the ones that generate a coin flower such as Yellow Seed Sprouts, will help create more jellies to collect.

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