1 Play A Day is an event in Cookie Run where players can earn prizes just for playing at least one play, on each day. Different than the Win Prizes Everyday! event, the reward for playing is different on each day.


  1. Players are just required to run and pass at least 3 stages in order to get a valid reward given after the game ends.
  2. Only stages from Escape from the Oven, Primeval Jungle, and Dragon's Valley episode will count, while stages from Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins is not a part of this event.
  3. Rewards can only be received once.

List of Appearance and RewardsEdit

18 December - 23 December 2014Edit

Date Reward
18 Dec 1 Supreme Treasure Chest ticket
19 Dec 5,000 Coins
20 Dec 1 Supreme Treasure Chest ticket
21 Dec 5,000 Coins
22 Dec 5 Crystals
23 Dec 1 Supreme Treasure Chest ticket

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