In celebration with Line Cookie Run's first anniversary, an alphabet event is available from 23 January - 3 February 2015. When the players has collected all the letters, player will be rewarded with 10000 Coins, 10 Boost Set, 1000 Gift Points, and 10 Crystals. This is the third alphabet mission event.

Rules Edit


An example of letter "flying" in the game. Retrieved 1 Sept 2014.

  1. The players are required to collect all the letters that are randomly appearing and flying in the game.
  2. Letters can be collected in episodes 1-3, but not in the special episode, Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins.
  3. The letters that need to be collected are: "COOKIERUN 1ST ANNIVERSARY".
  4. Unlike jellies, all letters are flying up and down - passing through obstacles, so you may need to intentionally hit the obstacle to catch the letter.
  5. The letters can not be attracted by a magnetic aura.
  6. Some letters need to be collected more than once (for example, the "E" needs to be collected three times)
  7. Some letters that do not appear in the code may also appear in the game (for example, "Z" or "X"). Catching these letter will not help or replace any letter in the target word.
  8. After collecting all the letters in the code, the event window will pop up showing that you have completed the quest. Rewards will be given immediately.
  9. The reward can be collected only once.
  10. Letters will disappear after the event is over. Unlike the previous event, letters will still be flying around, even after the player has formed a full target word and claimed the reward.

Similar Events Edit

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