20FL is the 20th floor in Tower of Frozen Waves.


Surprisingly, this stage and its missions are relatively easier to complete than the previous stage, 19FL. It has less obstacles, and the room to jump and run also relatively wider.


Collect at least 290 Yellow Bear JelliesEdit

Reward: CookieRunCrystal 5

Flaming Red Jellyco 74578 73 1

Any treasure that may generate a Jellyco shower
Any treasure that makes All-Bear Jelly Parties last longer

There are more than enough Yellow Bear Jellies to collect on this stage including the ones from All-Bear Jelly Parties, which means it is very possible to complete this mission even without the help of any treasure. However, just in case, players can equip some treasures that can send Jellyco missiles like Flaming Red Jellyco to add more jellies to collect, and/or treasures like Double Bubble's Best Friend to prolong the All-Bear Jelly Party transformation. There are also Yellow Bear Jellies in this stage's Bonus Time, so it is advisable to complete the letters in order to enter it.

Collect at least 170 Winged JelliesEdit

Reward: Golden Watering Tin Golden Watering Tin

Bean Drop Duo's Storming Bean Missiles Protection Ring of Fire

Any treasure that destroy obstacles

Like first mission, there are already more than enough Winged Jellies by default, so the rest is just about clearing the path with any treasure that can destroy obstacles like Bean Drop Duo's Storming Bean Missiles or Protection Ring of Fire, and collecting the jellies. It is also worth noted that the Bear Jellies in the Bonus Time are also Winged Jellies.

Finish the stage within 60 secondsEdit

Reward: Golden Fortune Dough 1

First Harvest Olive Oil Protection Ring of Fire

Any treasure that increases base speed
Any treasure that destroy obstacles

The trick for every limited-time run is, as usual, to run faster without colliding with obstacles. So, on top of equipping some treasures that increase Cookie's base speed like First Harvest Olive Oil, it is also advisable to equip some treasures that can destroy obstacles, such as Protection Ring of Fire.

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