21FL is the 21st floor in Tower of Frozen Waves.


This stage is completely devoid of Power Jellies, which makes it quite unique on its own. This stage also has many moving obstacles which can be quite troublesome at times.


Collect at least 85 Yellow Bear JelliesEdit

Reward: Coin 001 7,000

Protection Ring of Fire Sacred Protection Ring of Fire Flaming Red Jellyco

Any treasure that destroy obstacles

There are no All-Bear Jelly party on this floor so players have to collect Yellow Bear Jellies scattered here and there by default. This mission can be completed without using any treasure, but treasures that destroy obstacles like Protection Ring of Fire or Flaming Red Jellyco will be a great help in clearing the path.

Don't collect more than 10 JelliesEdit

Reward: Supreme Treasure Chest Ticket 1

Protection Ring of Fire Flaming Red Jellyco Caramel Chocolate Energy Bar

Any treasure that destroys obstacles
Any treasure that gives extra jumps

This mission needs players' instinct on when to jump, double jump, and slide to avoid both obstacles and jellies. Treasures that destroy obstacles (the same ones used in the first mission) will help destroy obstacles, thus make this mission easier to complete. Meanwhile, treasures that give extra jumps like Caramel Chocolate Energy Bar will also help players avoid both obstacles and jellies.

Perform 1-step jump at least 80 timesEdit

Reward: MP 800

Flaming Red Jellyco Icy Glass Slippers

Any treasure that destroy obstacles
Any treasure that can create Ice Bridges

Double-jumps are NOT counted as two jumps, and extra jumps from treasures are also NOT counted as several jumps; each of them is only counted as one jump. Therefore, treasures that give extra jumps like Ninja Cookie's Tree Leaf will only be useless at best and gives disadvantages at worst, as performing several-step jumps will decrease rooms to do one-step jumps. However, treasures that destroy obstacle will be players' best buddy here, as well as treasures that can make Ice Bridges like Icy Glass Slippers, since they give more rooms for players to perform the jumps.

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