A lot of holes appear in this floor, so players must jump carefully to avoid falling into the holes.


Don't fall in hole more than 1 timesEdit

To avoid falling into holes, you can use Cookies that regularly ride on an object, such as Peppermint Cookie or Kiwi Biker Cookie. Soda Cookie and Cocoa Cookie can also be used, since there are Potions appearing frequently in this floor.

For Pets, use Pets that destroy obstacles frequently, such as Jellyco Cube or Mini Jackson No. 2.

If you do not have any Cookies that ride on objects or destroy obstacles, just follow the jelly trail.

Fall in hole at least 6 timesEdit


Wonder Donut Very Wet Drink Ginger Ghost's Magnificent Memory Heavenly Sweet Donuts

This is the opposite of the first mission: instead of avoiding falling into holes, you have to literally fall into holes. Use Pets such as Ginger Ghost, Rocket Firecracker, and Mr. Limeguard, but for the last two, accompany it with treasures that lift from holes, such as Ginger Ghost's Magnificent Memory or Wonder Donut.

Don't Jump more than 40 timesEdit

Cookie Pet
Lemon Cookie Ghost Butler

Angel Cookie's Rainbow Feather Sacred Galloping Earring of Wind Candy Inline Skates Marshmallow Hamster's Chocolate Sunflower Seed