The main point of the stage is that there are a total of 10 winged jellies scattered around the stage, not including the Mystery Box, which also counted as a winged jelly. From the 10 winged jellies, five of them appears in the shape of a running potion and the rest will appear at the end in the form of winged pink bear jellies.

There are also tons of obstacles that can freeze the cookie. Specially in this stage, they might be useful to the mission...

Mission Walkthrough Edit

Collect at least 10 Winged Jellies Edit

Reward: Coin 001 7,000


Remember that there are a total of 10 winged jellies + 1 mystery box in this stage, so the game only tolerates 1 missed winged jelly. Do not crash into the freezing obstacle, because that may make the winged jelly go away.

Pay attention to the end of the stage, where there are a total of five winged pink bear jellies, and make sure to take them all, even if you have to crash.

Run for at least 80 secondEdit

Reward: GP 120

Any treasures that revive

This is another mission that requires players to run longer than usual. Simply hit a frozen obstacle and freeze the cookie as much as possible. Players can do this 3-4 times to succeed before the cookie runs out of energy.

Don't collect any Winged JellyEdit

Reward: MP 1,000

Any treasures that revive

The second and third mission actually contains a similar strategy. The only difference is that you should intentionally hit a frozen obstacle in order for the winged potion jelly to run away, allowing you to not collect the winged jelly. Avoid the last five winged pink bear jellies AND the Mystery Box.

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