2FL is the 2nd floor in Tower of Frozen Waves.



Collect at least 270 Yellow Bear JelliesEdit

Reward: Brown Fortune Dough 1


Valiant Firecracker Jelly Burning Heat Infused Jellyco 500 Year Old Premium Ginseng Root Liquor Lustrous Choco Hair Wax Mystery Meteor Chip
generate a Jellyco missile
make All-Bear Jelly Parties last longer

There are enough jellies and Yellow Bear Jellies to complete the level in the stage alone. However, treasures that generate a Jellyco missile (such as Burning Heat Infused Jellyco) and make All-Bear Jelly Parties last longer (such as Mystery Meteor Chip) will help create more bear jellies.

Collect at least 5 Giant CoinsEdit

Reward: Coin 001 5,000

Any treasure

There are 6 Giant Coins on this floor, and players need to collect at least 5 of them. Since there are currently no treasures which can create Giant Coins, this mission depends solely on how players can collect the required Giant Coins.

Collect at least 1,150 CoinsEdit

Reward: MP 500


Yellow Seed Sprouts Golden Magic Flower Pot
Any treasure that generates coin flowers

There are enough coins to complete the third mission in the stage, but using treasures that generate a coin flower such as Golden Magic Flower Pot will create more coins.

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