40FL is the 40th floor in Tower of Frozen Waves.


This stage has soooooo many Alphabet Jellies, as well as some Bonus Time Jellies and Coins. Collecting the Alphabet and Bonus Time ones might be either be an advantage or disadvantage depending on the missions. Also, there are absolutely no obstacles at all here apart from some holes, but it doesn't mean this stage is easy. If anything, this stage is probably a bit harder compared to some of the ones that have obstacles.


Do not go to Bonus TimeEdit

Reward: CookieRunCrystal 10

Ninja Cookie's Tree Leaf

Any treasure that gives extra jumps

This mission is quite tricky. Players need to mind their jumping pattern, keep tabs on what Alphabet jellies they don't have to avoid them, and avoid the ultimate enemy for this mission, the Bonus Time Jellies, altogether. Treasures that give extra jumps like Ninja Cookie's Tree Leaf would be quite helpful here, as they enable Cookies to avoid rows of Alphabet Jellies and the Bonus Time Jellies.

Collect at least 400 Alphabet JelliesEdit

Reward: Golden Fortune Dough 1

Ninja Cookie's Tree LeafA Piece of Rainbow's End Multicolored Spiky Candy

Any treasure that gives extra jumps

To make the jelly-collecting job easier, players can use the leaf again here. It is also quite important to go to Bonus Time as many times as possible, as there are many Alphabet Jellies there. For additional help in Bonus Time, players can use A Piece of Rainbow's End and/or its evolved form, Multicolored Spiky Candy. These treasures make Pets grow bigger during Bonus time, thus enabling them to nab more Alphabet Jellies.

Collect at least 4400 CoinsEdit

Reward: Icebound Golden Hammer Icebound Golden Hammer

Golden Magic Flower Pot Mint Choco Cookie's Violin Case Ninja Cookie's Tree Leaf

Any treasure that can create Coin Flowers
Any treasure that gives extra jumps

Players just need to collect as many coins as possible (especially the Giant Coins scattered here and there), and the treasures mentioned above are already more than enough both in providing and collecting coins. It is also worth mentioning that there are minimal number of coins on this floor's Bonus Time, so it's better if players just focus on collecting the coins rather than collecting Alphabet Jellies.

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