44FL was the 44th floor in Tower of Frozen Waves.


The stage itself is rather easy, and there are plenty of winged jellies flying around, which relates to the first mission. However, there are floating platforms that have spikes underneath it, so be careful!

Mission WalkthroughEdit

Collect at least 1200 Winged JelliesEdit

Reward: Silver Fortune Dough 1

Cookie Pet
Pink Choco Cookie Onion Fish

Angel Cookie's Rainbow Feather Shiny Golden Nunchaku Uncooling Teacup's Golden Jujube Tea Bag
Any treasure that lifts from holes (and/or revives)

There is enough Winged Jellies to collect in the floor, but if you want additional Winged Jellies, then Pink Choco Cookie and Onion Fish may help. Also, since winged coins count as winged jellies, Shiny Golden Nunchaku and Uncooling Teacup's Golden Jujube Tea Bag will also help.

Collect at least 1200 Yellow Bear JelliesEdit

Reward: MP 1000

Cookies Pets
Cream Puff Cookie Cherry Cookie Owlcorn Double Bubble

Angel Cookie's Rainbow FeatherPitch Black Sword74578 73 1
Any treasure that lifts from holes (and/or revives)

This will also be quite easy as you can use your Pet's skill and Cookie's skill here. It is recommended to use Cream Puff Cookie and Cherry Cookie, who produces lots of jellies, and to either use Owlcorn, or Double Bubble if you don't have Owlcorn, to produce Yellow Bear Jelly Parties. If you really want to safely complete this mission, or if you want to overkill it to ensure that this mission is completed, it is recommended to bring Pitch Black Sword and/or Double Bubble's Best Friend for the party to last longer. It will also be good to bring a revival/lift treasure just in case you fall into a hole.

If you don't have Cream Puff or Cherry, you should bring at least 1 missile, such as the Flaming Red Jellyco to at least try to increase the number of Yellow Bear jellies collected.

Collect at least 1500 JelliesEdit

Reward: CookieRunCrystal 3

Cotton Candy CookieCream Puff CookieAlchemist Cookie

Any treasure with magnetic effects or help lifts from holes

The third mission of 44FL have been changed into "Collect at least 1500 of any jellies"—previously "Achieve at least 21M Points".

It is achievable easily using Cotton Candy Cookie or Cream Puff Cookie alone, or by using Alchemist Cookie's ability to sprout bear jellies.