49FL was the 49th floor in Tower of Frozen Waves.

Stage Edit

This stage consists of many Energy Potions scattered around, both Large and Small.

Mission Walkthrough Edit

Don't collect any Large Energy Potions Edit

Reward: MP 800


Glistening Green LeavesCaramel Chocolate Energy Bar
Any treasures that slows energy drain and revives/lift from holes.

This mission is quite easy, just don't collect the Large Energy Potions. If you are not sure if have enough energy to complete this floor, you may bring treasures that revive. Having an extra jump might help you here as you'll have to avoid the Large Energy Potions, so Glistening Green Leaves or Caramel Chocolate Energy Bar will be helpful.

Collide at least 7 times with obstacles Edit

Reward: Silver Fortune Dough 1

Any treasures that lifts or revives

Since there are many Energy Potions to collect, it is advisable to collect all Energy Potions to survive, and collide with obstacles when you can. If you feel that you might die while trying to complete the mission, bring treasures that'll revive you as much as possible.

Blast for at least 10 seconds Edit

Reward: CookieRunCrystal 3

Marshmallow Hamster's Chocolate Sunflower SeedCandy Roller SkatesFrozen Solid Orange DrinkSacred Galloping Earring of Wind

How do you blast where there is no Blast Jelly? Treasures that blast after taking potions can help you clear this mission. Since there are many Energy Potions to collect, equip those treasures such as Candy Roller Skates and you can clear this mission easily.

With even one of these Treasures, you can complete this mission, because of the numerous energy potions found on this floor.

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