First MissionEdit

Finish under 79 seconds


Slippery Golden Banana Peel Vroom Vroom Gold Kiwi Key Brain Freeze Iced CHoco Biscuit Frozen Solid Orange Drink

Using treasures that increase base speed will help finish the floor faster. Since the floor also contains blast jellies, using treasures that increase blast speed will also help.

Second MissionEdit

Destroy at least 125 obstacles

Valiant Firecracker Jelly Burning Heat Infused Jellyco

Treasures that generate a Jellyco missile will help destory obstacles. Since there are also Blast Jellies and Giant Jellies, using treasures that make Blast Jellies last longer and make Giant Jellies last longer will also help destroy obstacles.

Third MissionEdit

Collect at least 155 Gold Coins


Yellow Seed Sprouts Golden Magic Flower Pot 99.9 Gold Energy Drink

Treasures that generate a coin flower will create more coins and help with this goal.



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