52FL is the 52th floor in Tower of Frozen Waves.


The first half of this floor will be filled with three levels of platforms (not a flooring) filled with a lot of coins, but some moving obstacles can hit you ahead. Thankfully, a few Coin Jelly can help you avoid those obstacles.

The second half will be a bit trickier, when coins will disappear and changed into a lot of moving obstacles than can freeze your Cookie. Always be aware of the moving platforms and do not hit any freezing obstacles, because you will fall into the gaping hole if you fail to jump over any moving platform or collect the Ice-bridge Jelly.


Collect at least 3,900 coinsEdit

Reward: Silver Fortune Dough 1

Sacred Protection Ring of FireSplendidly Shiny Golden MaceUncooling Teacup's Golden Jujube Tea Bag
Any treasure that revives or lifts from holes

This floor consists of three levels of platforms, not floors. Therefore, you cannot use any treasures that will generate Coin Flower. However, you should not be worried because this floor contains a lot of Coins, so you would have collected enough Coins if you're following the right path, by jumping from one platform to another smoothly. You can equip treasures that give a Coin Bonus if you're confident enough. Take note that the treasures that give a coin bonus will NOT count towards the coin count. To prevent yourself from failing the mission because of hitting obstacles or falling into a hole, you can equip treasures that revive or lift from holes.

Additionally, you can even combine Sacred Protection Ring of Fire with treasures that give Coins for destroying obstacles such as Splendidly Shiny Golden Mace so you can generate more Golden Coins.

Collect more than 350 silver coinsEdit

Reward: Supreme Treasure Chest Ticket 1

Sacred Prosperity Bracelet of Earth

You can equip treasures that can produce silver coins such as Sacred Prosperity Bracelet of Earth.

Don't collect more than 70 JelliesEdit

Reward: MP 500

Ninja Cookie's Tree Leaf
treasures that gives extra jumps

This mission is quite tricky, but remember that you only need to collect less than 70 jellies, not coins, so don't feel guilty if you hit a few Gold/Giant Coins. One general trick you can try is to keep in the lower platform and only jump higher if there are coins ahead, and equip treasures that gives extra jumps if there are coins in the highest platform.

The rest of the slots can be optional, such as Sea Fairy's Crystallized Affection.

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