5FL is the 5th floor in Tower of Frozen Waves.


This stage is the first stage in the Tower that has both Cookie ability and Magnetic ability on, and that might make the missions easier to complete than some previous stages'.


Reach Frozen GateEdit

Reward: Key 2

Fairy Cookie

Any L-grade Cookie

Any treasure

Even though players can use any Cookie here, it is advisable to use Cookie with high Health, such as Fairy Cookie or any L-grade Cookie. But if players don't have any of them, any S-grade Cookie is already good enough for this mission.

Reach Frozen Gate without colliding with obstaclesEdit

Reward: Brown Fortune Dough 1

Cherry Blossom Cookie Cream Puff Cookie

Angel Cookie's Holy Feather Flaming Red Jellyco
Any treasure with Magnetic Aura
Any treasure that destroys obstacles

Since this stage is easy enough to do a perfect run, players actually can use basically any S-grade Cookie with any Treasure to complete the run. However, to ensure the success, players can use Cookies that have the ability to destroy obstacles, such as Cherry Blossom Cookie or Cream Puff Cookie. For Treasures, any treasure with Magnetic Aura like Angel Cookie's Holy Feather will help players to collect jellies that could destroy obstacles (Giant Jelly, Coin Jelly, and Blast Jelly), and any treasure that can destroy obstacles like Flaming Red Jellyco would provide a big help in completing the mission.

Finish the stage within 45 secEdit

Reward: CookieRunCrystal 3

Boarder Cookie

First Harvest Olive Oil Flaming Red Jellyco
Any treasure that increase base speed
Any treasure that destroys obstacles

For this mission, it's important to run fast without colliding into any obstacle (as colliding can decrease the speed). Boarder Cookie equipped with any treasure that give higher base speed (such as First Harvest Olive Oil) would be a good choice, and to prevent colliding, it is advisable to use some treasures that could destroy obstacles, such as Flaming Red Jellyco or Bean Drop Duo's Storming Bean Missiles.