65FL is the 65th floor in Tower of Frozen Waves.


This is one of those stages that have Coins, regular jellies, Yellow Bear Jellies, and Pink Bear Jellies, rowed in different side of screen with each other. Like the other stages in that type, players have to keep focus on what jelly they have to capture to complete the mission while mostly ignoring other jellies, as taking different route to take the other jellies may result in failing the mission.


Collect at least 1,900 coinsEdit

Reward: Elixir of Experience M Elixir of Experience (M)

Any treasure that may generate Coin Flowers

Any treasure that may generate winged Coins for destroying an obstacle
Any treasure that revive or lift from holes

Treasures that may generate Coin Flowers such as Antique Magic Pot or Golden Energy Drink will be useful here, as they provide more coins for players to collect. This stage also has a couple of jellies that evaporate/destroy ice obstacles, so using treasures that may generate winged Coins for destroying obstacles is also a good choice. Currently, the only treasures that can generate Winged Coins are Shiny Golden Nunchaku and Uncooling Teacup's Golden Jujube Tea Bag.

Collect at least 200 Yellow Bear JelliesEdit

Reward: Coin 001 9000

Any treasure that makes All-Bear Jelly Parties last longer

This is where players may want to take a little bit of extra caution. There are a couple of Yellow Bear Jellies by default, but the success of completing this mission mostly lies on how many All-Bear Jelly Parties players can catch, and how many they collect the Yellow Bear Jellies from the Parties. Players need to try not to collide with any obstacle as best as they can while All-Bear Jelly Party is on effect, as colliding with obstacle will reduce the time of the changing. Treasures like Lustrous Choco Hair Wax and Double Bubble's Best Friend can help making All-Bear Jelly Parties last longer, so it's a good idea to equip them here.

Collect at least 160 Pink Bear JelliesEdit

Reward: MP 700

Any treasure that may trigger an All-Pink Bear party

Any treasure that makes All-Bear Jelly Parties last longer

Aside from the jelly type, this mission is basically the same with the second mission, and the strategy is also similar : get the All-Bear Jelly Parties and collect the jellies. Like the second mission, there are also a couple of Pink Bear Jellies by default, so it will help players complete the mission more easily. As for the All Bear Jelly Party, one Tea Cup's Cherry Blossom Teaspoon is already enough to complete the mission, but if players want to ensure their win, Double Pink Bear Jelly Party Hat would be a good choice.

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