This stage has some Colorful Star Jelly Parties, and interestingly, collecting them might either be a good or a bad thing depends on the missions.


Collect at least 10 Colorful Star Jelly PartyEdit

Reward: Supreme Treasure Chest Ticket 1

Protection Ring of Fire Sacred Protection Ring of Fire Jellyco Cube's Lost Jellyco

Any treasure that destroy obstacles

There are 13 Colorful Star Jelly Party on this stage, and players need to at least collect 10 of them. To get them more easily, players might want to equip some treasures that could destroy obstacles and clear the path, such as Protection Ring of Fire and Jellyco Cube's Lost Jellyco.

Collect at least 210 Silver CoinsEdit

Reward: Key 2

Golden Energy Drink Antique Magic Pot

Any treasure that may generate Coin Flowers

This is where collecting Colorful Star Jelly Parties might be a bad thing. For this mission, it is important to collect Coin Jellies which can turn the obstacles into Silver Coins, and popping the Parties before that will destroy the supposed-to-be-turned-into-coins obstacles. So it is advisable to avoid the Parties while there is a Coin Jelly ahead.
To help players, though, there is treasure with the ability to create Coin Flowers like Golden Energy Drink and Antique Magic Pot, and equipping them will create more Silver Coins to collect.

Collect at least 1150 JelliesEdit

Reward: Coin 001 6,000

Flaming Red Jellyco Golden Energy Drink Antique Magic Pot

Any treasure that may generate a Jellyco shower
Any treasure that may generate Coin Flowers

Since there are quite many Colorful Star Jelly Parties and Coin Jellies, there should be enough Jellies to collect by default. But just in case, players could equip some treasures that give more Jellies, such as treasures that give Jellyco shower like Flaming Red Jellyco, or treasures that can make coin flowers like Golden Energy Drink and Antique Magic Pot.

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