70FL was the 70th floor in Tower of Frozen Waves. While the first mission is not so relatively hard, the second and third mission requires more than just a run.


This is another boss stage where there is going to be a boss that is going to add some twist to the stage. But instead of shooting lasers, the boss generates random obstacles to the stage. It appears at the middle of the screen, so players have to be very smart in dodging the obstacles. It is required to follow the jelly trail, and while there's none, it may be a good thing to keep sliding to prevent a player from hitting any sudden obstacles throwing in the way.

It may also be a good thing to keep memorizing the stage as well.

Mission Walkthrough Edit

Don't collide with obstacles more than 5 times Edit

Reward: Rainbow Fortune Dough 1

Sacred Protection Ring of Fire
Any treasure that lifts from holes (and/or revives)

Simple. Don't crash, but that boss is going to be painful. The only thing that can help is to follow the jelly trail and slide when there's none.

Collect at least 830 Frozen Bear JelliesEdit

Reward: Guaranteed S-Rank Treasure 3

Lustrous Choco Hair WaxWonder DonutBrain Freeze Iced CHoco Biscuit

This is where the challenge becomes very real. Maybe in the previous floors you can get around these kind of challenge easily with missiles, but like other post-50FL floors, the missiles are disabled.

There is just about enough jellies to be converted into a Frozen Bear Jellies to pass the challenge. Therefore, try to get ALL of the All-Frozen Bear Jelly Party Powerup, and get the most out of the converted jelly. And by getting the most, we meant NOT crashing or falling into holes during the process. Crashing will slow down your speed, thus not maximizing the conversion, and falling into holes simply means you can't get the jellies while you're being lifted.

With the Frozen Cracker, you can increase your base speed, thus getting more conversions on each of the All-Frozen Bear Jelly Party. Also, use either Pitch Black Sword or Lustrous Choco Hair Wax to help you convert more jellies into Frozen Bear Jellies.

If you ever happen to miss an All-Frozen Bear Jelly Party Powerup even once, restart the mission.

Collect at least 47 Giant Bear JelliesEdit

Reward: CookieRunCrystal 10

Any that revives or lifts

This third mission is also pretty tricky. The mission requires you to collect ALL 47 Giant Bear Jellies scattered in the floor, so missing one means failure. There are some bear jellies that you have to jump on the right time to take all three vertical Giant Bear Jellies (similar with the three Giant Coins in Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins). Never be afraid to collide with obstacles, but try not to fall from holes.

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