84FL is the 84th floor of Tower of Frozen Waves. It is a very easy stage with revives and slower energy drain treasures. The only difference is unlike other floors, this stage has a very fast energy drain per tick. It is filled with Giant and Blast Jellies, and there are absolutely no holes.


This stage is like the giant version of obstacle dodging. Almost everything is covered in Giant Powerup, except for the last part, which it starts to mix with Blast Jelly powerup. Yellow Bear Jellies here are served as the obstacle of the floor.


Reach Frozen GateEdit

Reward: Coin 001 10,000

Tiger Lily Cookie Fire Spirit Cookie Moonlight Cookie Fairy Cookie
Specially made Flaming Cocktail Supremely Yummy Monster Muffin Very Wet Drink

In order to complete this level, you are required to have at least one Treasure that slows Energy drain. It won't be easy though, because the fast energy drain will leave your Cookie to faint faster if you don't have a slow Energy drain Treasure.

It is also recommended to fully upgrade your Energy level to Lv.60, and play with the L-grade Cookies or Fairy Cookie if you don't have any. However, it is possible to complete the mission with a Cookie with 140 Energy, provided the Energy level upgrade is at the max.

Finish under 62 secondsEdit

Reward: Elixir of Experience XL Elixir of Experience (XL)

Any treasure that increases base speed

Collect less than 20 Yellow Bear JelliesEdit

Reward: Supreme Treasure Chest Ticket 1

Any treasures that slow Energy drain and revival

This mission requires your use of jumping and double jumping effectively and accurately. The Bear Jellies are carefully placed to allow careful jumping. You are recommended to play the mission a few times to get used to the stage before succeeding.

Also, slower energy drain is a must. However, when you revive, if you are careful enough, you will not collect any jellies. Due to the fast energy drain, at least one revival treasure needs to be in one of your slots, such as Wonder Donut.

However, with a compounded less energy drain or higher base speed of at least 1.27 and getting the first potion can enable you to reach the Frozen Gate without using revives as reviving may make you accidentally collect a few Yellow Bear Jellies.


  • This floor has the fastest energy drain in the entire Cookie Run: the tick mark is about 10 Energy per second.

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