8FL is the 8th floor in the Tower of Frozen Waves.


The obstacles are mainly composed of obstacles that need to be jumped over, and a few sliding ones. There are Yellow Bear Jelly Parties and Frozen Bear Jelly Parties at certain points in the floor, making the third mission rather difficult as Frozen Bear Jelly Parties take priority over Yellow Bear Jelly parties.

Mission WalkthroughEdit

Don't collide more than 4 timesEdit

Reward: Coin 001 5,000

Jellyco Cube's Lost Jellyco
Treasures that may generate a Jellyco shower

This mission is relatively easy to finish since you don't deal with a lot of tricky pattern obstacles, but just in case you can equip any treasures that drops Jellyco missiles.

Collect at least 320 Bear JelliesEdit

Reward: Boost Set 1

Collect at least 360 Yellow Bear JelliesEdit

Reward: MP 600


Ninja Cookie's Tree Leaf Peach Cookie's Martial Arts Book Caramel Chocolate Energy Bar

Any treasure that allows you an extra jump provides you with a better chance at clearing the floor, as avoiding obstacles and snow jelly parties with extra jumps is much easier.


  • Before the February 5 update, the first mission requires not to hit more than 2 times. It was modified to make the mission easier in the first 50 floors.


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