Achieve Missions for Hero Cookie was an event in which players had to complete several missions in order to unlock Hero Cookie, who normally required having 120 friends to unlock. These missions were aimed for beginner players, as they were relatively easy compared to other missions in current events at the time, such as the Photo Challenge.

Players needed to complete at least one run to receive the second and fourth rewards. The event could be completed in two runs, provided that the player was already above level 7 and has Buttercream Choco Cookie already: One with Brave Cookie reaching Stage 11 in Episode 1, and one with any Cookie earning 3M points in Episode 2.

Rewards Edit

Mission Reward
Run with Lv. 8 Brave Cookie 13,000 Coin 001
Achieve User Lv. 7 Knight Cookie (or 45,000 Coin 001 if already earned)
Earn 3M points in episode 2 20 CookieRunCrystal
Own Buttercream Choco Cookie 250 GP
Reach Stage 11 in Episode 1 1 Supreme Treasure Chest Ticket
Clear all 5 Missions Hero Cookie (or 108,000 Coin 001 if already earned)