Quote1 I'm gonna be the King of Adventure! Quote2
―Adventurer Cookie

Adventurer Cookie is an Epic Cookie released alongside his pet, Backpacky, on April 28th, 2018. In LINE Cookie Run, this Cookie was S-Grade. His ability features him entering an abandoned ruins, and grabbing Rope Jellies to swing and grab Gem Jellies.


LINE: He can open secret doors to an underground passage filled with Coins and, if lucky, a Mystery Box.

OvenBreak: Discovers ancient ruins at given intervals. Inside, collect Rope Jellies to use the rope. While using the rope, Adventurer Cookie gains Magnetic Aura that allows him to attract Gem Jellies. Blast Mode cannot be used in the ruins and activates again once the Cookie gets outside. Level up to discover ruins more frequently and to get more points from Gem Jellies.

Magic Candy Effect
Shiny Gem Jellies appear in the ruins. The stronger the enchanted power, the more points for Shiny Gem Jellies.


(LINE) This cookies has traveled far and wide, beyond the realm of the Witch. All other Cookies thought he was a legend, but he's back and will guide others into uncharted territories of a new exciting world. His thirst for the unknown is unquenchable and will continue to roam the wide world as long as he can.

(OvenBreak) For a long time, there have been only rumors of Adventurer Cookie's travels far and wide beyond the realm of the Witch, but now he's back and ready to guide the other Cookies into uncharted territories of a new exciting world. Adventurer Cookie has got quite a lot of stories to tell: about a legendary dragon, a kingdom in ruins, but... So little time! His thirst for the unknown is unquenchable, and he will continue to roam the wide world as long as possible.


(Archived LINE strategy) In order to get to the Hidden Ruins stage, players have to lead the Cookie into holes with a yellow glow around them. It is possible that the opening to the Hidden Ruins is on a hole that contains an obstacle, such as in Episode 2, Stage 6, but the Cookie won't take any damage when walking straight into them.

Excursions into the Hidden Ruins last around 10 seconds, and may or may not contain a Mystery Box (both the length of time and probability for a Mystery Box increase with Adventurer Cookie's upgrades). The Ruins are a looping stage that remains the same regardless of Episode and continues from where it was left off if entered multiple times in a single run, which should be taken into account when planning ahead. The Mystery box at the end stays the same for the duration of the run, i.e. it's not possible to skip a C-grade treasure in hope of getting an S-grade one without restarting the run. Once that Mystery Box is obtained, players cannot gain another Mystery Box in the Hidden Ruins in the same run.

Although Adventurer Cookie does not lose Energy from running in the Hidden Ruins, it is still possible to die by hitting obstacles and falling into holes. When he dies in the hidden ruins without a revive and a relay is used, the relay Cookie will immediately be lifted from the ruins and placed back at the main stage.

Statistics Edit


Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost
140 Hidden Ruins Exploration Lv. 1 N/A
144 Hidden Ruins Exploration Lv. 2 32,000
148 Hidden Ruins Exploration Lv. 3 35,000
152 Hidden Ruins Exploration Lv. 4 38,000
156 Hidden Ruins Exploration Lv. 5 40,000
160 Hidden Ruins Exploration Lv. 6 43,000
160 Hidden Ruins Exploration Lv. 7 51,000
160 Hidden Ruins Exploration Lv. 8 59,000

OvenBreak Edit

Level Energy Skill Effect Upgrade Cost Upgrade Reward
1 166 Adventure Lv. 1 N/A N/A
2 173 Adventure Lv. 2 Coin 001 16,000 Escape Level 40
3 180 Adventure Lv. 3 Coin 001 32,000 Escape Level 80
4 187 Adventure Lv. 4 Coin 001 80,000 Escape Level 200
5 195 Adventure Lv. 5 Coin 001 160,000 Escape Level 400
6 205 Adventure Lv. 6 Coin 001 160,000 Escape Level 400
7 215 Adventure Lv. 7 Coin 001 160,000 Escape Level 400
8 225 Adventure Lv. 8 Coin 001 200,000 Escape Level 500
9 235 Adventure Lv. 9 Coin 001 200,000 Escape Level 500
10 245 Adventure Lv. 10 Coin 001 240,000 Escape Level 600
11 255 Adventure Lv. 11 Coin 001 240,000 Escape Level 600
12 265 Adventure Lv. 12 Coin 001 240,000 Escape Level 600
13 275 Adventure Lv. 13 Coin 001 240,000 Escape Level 600
14 285 Adventure Lv. 14 Coin 001 240,000 Escape Level 600
15 295 Adventure Lv. 15 Coin 001 240,000 Escape Level 600

Loading messages Edit


  • There's an abundance of new places to see!
  • Let's go on a quest!
  • Even I've never seen a place like this.
  • Where should I explore today?
  • I'm going to find the hidden treasure!
  • I will save every last Cookie.
  • I'm always happy to embark on a journey!
  • The world is vast!
  • Looks like I've found a new map!

OvenBreak Edit

New Edit

  • Adventures await!

General Edit

  • Hm, what do we have here?
  • Useless map!
  • Sweet Jelly! Looks like I made another discovery!
  • You said "hidden treasures"? I'm in!
  • Adventures await!
  • Time to explore!
  • Hm, how curious!
  • Curse of the Ruins? Nonsense!

1vs1 Race Edit

  • Hm, how curious!
  • Great! Challenge accepted!
  • That's the spirit!
  • Well, you can't always get what you want!

Tired Edit

  • Oh, sweet Jelly!

Updates Edit

  • June 28, 2016
    • Hidden Ruins Exploration now permanently contains coins instead of jellies like a Head for the Gold Coin Ruins! event.
    • Combi Bonus changed from 10% slower Energy drain to 10% more XP.


  • Adventurer Cookie's name in Japanese uses the word for "explorer" rather than adventurer (探検家味クッキー).
  • Adventurer Cookie is special, in the sense that his ability worked differently in LINE compared to Ovenbreak. In LINE, he would fall into glowing pits, and collect Coins in his unique Ruins level. This made him quite useful for Coin Farming.
    • He could also collect an extra Mystery Box during this ability.
  • It is very possible to have a second chance at nabbing a Mystery Box during the same Hidden Ruins Exploration ability if you missed your first chance earlier on.
  • In LINE, he was seen when players test out the features (Evolve Treasures, Achievements, etc.) for the first time.
    • Once again, in OvenBreak, he teaches players about Treasures.
  • He was also able to be seen in LINE when the player had the option to revive a Cookie for CookieRunCrystal 5 after they fell down a hole. This was referenced by his loading quote "I will save every last Cookie".
    • Hence the same Loading Message is shared with Pistachio Cookie, as established in her main mission.
  • Due to the Head for the Gold Coin Ruins! event, Adventurer Cookie's ability had been changed so the hidden ruins contained a lot of coins instead of jellies which made him a very attractive choice for Coin Farming during the event period. This only lasted for one month (the month of September 2015) and was reverted when it had ended.
  • If you try to access Bonus Time and the Hidden Ruins at the same time, then a broken stage with the Hidden Ruins background will appear, but the BONUSTIME letters will still drain their color away.
  • He seems to be heavily based on Indiana Jones. They both dress similarly, have hats that look very alike, and Adventurer Cookie's Cinnamon Rope is like Indiana Jones' bullwhip.
    • If you compare the music that plays while inside the Hidden Ruins with the theme song for Indiana Jones, you can find that they both have similar tunes.
  • During the Halloween Party 2015, Adventurer Cookie dressed up as a prisoner.
  • The new Combi Bonus appears to be displayed incorrectly in game. Despite being listed as 10% more XP, the Combo Bonus in the Game Results shows a bonus in coins, rather than XP.
  • Adventurer Cookie is the first Cookie to be released in the third season of Cookie Run: OvenBreak.
  • Adventurer Cookie's Trial is based on Primeval Jungle from the original LINE/Kakao Cookie Run, which alludes to how he was the first Cookie to be released in the New World season, alongside Primeval Jungle.
    • Furthermore, his description references two other LINE areas.


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