Alphabet Challenge Event was a limited-time event that required players to collect letters in bubbles that randomly appeared flying in the game. These were required in order to complete Apple Cookie and Soda Cookie's speech bubbles.

Players could check their progress by clicking the SURF button at the top right next to the Photo Challenge button. Once both the speech bubbles have been filled in, the player would have received CookieRunCrystal 20, Coin 001 10,000, and 5 Boost Set. This event could be done in every episode with the exception of Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins.

Letters that appear more than once in the sentences were required to be collected multiple times. For example, players needed to collect 3 A's to complete the A in the sentences.

Like all other letter grabbing events, beside the available letters, there were also unused letters such as Q and Z that do not add to the progress of the event. It was also possible to collect a question mark (?), which served no purpose.

Letters needed to collect Edit

The letters formed two different sentences: Apple Cookie says "SUMMER IS HERE!" while Soda Cookie says "SURF WITH US FOR A SPECIAL TREAT!" Therefore, the letters you needed to collect were:

Letter Amount Needed Letter Amount Needed Letter Amount Needed Letter Amount Needed
A 3 H 2 O 1 V 0
B 0 I 3 P 1 W 1
C 1 J 0 Q 0 X 0
D 0 K 0 R 5 Y 0
E 5 L 1 S 5 Z 0
F 2 M 2 T 3 ? 0
G 0 N 0 U 3 ! 2


Similar EventsEdit

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