Angel Cookie's Special Bonus is a limited time event in Cookie Run, launched at the same time of "Edge of The World" season started. The event was started on 20 Oct 2014, however the event's end date has been extended from 3 Nov 2014, to a week later - 10 Nov 2014 (GMT+9).

Newcomers are also granted CookieRunCrystal +20 for buying Angel Cookie. While the rest of the rewards may be expired, the 20 Crystal bonus can still be claimed today.

Rules Edit

  1. This event consists of two different goals:
    1. Buy Angel Cookie and get CookieRunCrystal 20.
    2. Upgrade Angel Cookie until Magnetic Aura Level 8, and get 100,000 Coins.
    3. After gaining Angel Cookie Level 8, the player will receive Angel Cookie's Holy Feather. Upgrade the treasure to Level +9 and get 1 Supreme Treasure Chest ticket.
  2. Rewards will only given if the player had upgraded into the maximum level of Angel Cookie and Angel Cookie's Holy Feather before or during the event period. For those who already maxed both items before the event, reward will be automatically given.
  3. During this event, chances for Common Upgrade success is increased for Angel Cookie's Holy Feather. This one will help players reaching Level +9 of the treasure.
  4. For players using the Treasure Rebuy in order to get Angel Cookie's Holy Feather are required to complete 1 run in order to receive the reward.

Gallery Edit

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