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Backpacky is an S-grade Pet. It burps out a large wave of Jellies and Power Jellies at certain intervals. The wave may destroy obstacles.

However, it is not a good Pet for scoring points, as the Jellies it produces are not worth many points (being regular Jellies such as Bear Jellies or Alphabet Jellies), and are burped in a fan shape spanning the whole screen, such that the player is unable to collect all the Jellies without a strong Magnetic Aura. Worst of all, the Pet only has one combi bonus with its combo cookie, Adventurer Cookie, who is mainly used to collect Mystery Boxes - a task in which Backpacky would be no aid to.


For a set period of time, produces each type of Jellies.


It's an awesome backpack you don't need to carry. And when the temperature drops during the night, you can actually use it to warm yourself up.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Power Burp Lv. 1 N/A
Power Burp Lv. 2 29,000
Power Burp Lv. 3 31,000
Power Burp Lv. 4 34,000
Power Burp Lv. 5 36,000
Power Burp Lv. 6 38,000
Power Burp Lv. 7 47,000
Power Burp Lv. 8 56,000

Possible Combination BonusEdit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Adventurer Cookie
Adventurer Cookie (S) 10% more XP


  • The Pet's name in Japanese is リュックサックちゃん. リュックサック means rucksack, and the ~ちゃん (~chan) is a diminutive suffix used for juniors, most commonly used among females.
    • This probably mentions that in the Japanese language Backpacky is referred as a she; thus making them/her the first Pet with a gender pronoun.
  • Despite its Combi Bonus being listed as 10% more XP in game, the Game Results shows that the Combo Bonus is in coins rather than XP.