Quote1 Beans are healthier for you than Cheese or Choco! Quote2
―Newsletter on Bean Drop Duo

Bean Drop Duo (sometimes called as Pea Pet) is an E-grade pet that was released on January 22, 2016. It was released to celebrate LINE Cookie Run's 2nd anniversary.

This marks the second E-grade Pet in LINE Cookie Run. The first E-grade pet in LINE Cookie Run is the White Gold Drop, which could only be obtained by buying the White Gold Drop Package in the Package Store.


Creates 2 Bean Jellies at a given interval. Lifts 2 times and Revives 2 times with 22 Energy. (Revival is applied again for Relay Cookie).


In the Witch's back yard, grew a magical beanstalk. But one day, a strange looking bean started sprouting out of it! Hence this long and unique buddy was born. And not only one, but two beans were born!

LINE StatisticsEdit

Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Created every 2.9 seconds N/A
Created every 2.8 seconds Coin 001 4,000
Created every 2.7 seconds Coin 001 8,000
Created every 2.6 seconds Coin 001 16,000
Created every 2.5 seconds Coin 001 32,000
Created every 2.4 seconds Coin 001 64,000
Created every 2.3 seconds Coin 001 128,000
Created every 2.2 seconds Coin 001 256,000

Oven Break Statistics Edit

Level Skill Upgrade




1 N/A N/A
2 Coin 001 Escape Level
3 Coin 001 Escape Level

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Updates Edit

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  • Unlike other pets in the game, the Bean Drop Duo can only be bought during the 2 Year Anniversary Event for CookieRunCrystal 22 and cannot be hatched from the Extra Rare Egg.
  • Bean Drop Duo has the most expensive upgrade cost in the entire of Cookie Run, with Coin 001 256,000 needed to upgrade from level 7 to 8. However, the total upgrade from level 1 to 8 is still cheaper than L-grade cookies such as Tiger Lily Cookie and Fire Spirit Cookie.
  • The cost for each upgrade is multiplied by 2. For example, the 1st upgrade costs Coin 001 4,000 and the 2nd upgrade is twice the amount of the first upgrade, hence the 2nd upgrade costs Coin 001 8,000. Because of the continuous multiplication of 2 (due to the game's 2nd anniversary), the Level 7 to 8 upgrade for Bean Drop Duo costs Coin 001 256,000, which is nearly the amount needed to fully upgrade a normal S-rank cookie.
  • For some reason, the Bean Jellies that Bean Drop Duo produces are counted as Alphabet Jellies, and they represent the letter "E" in BONUSTIME. Coincidentally, it is an E-grade pet.
  • Bean Drop Duo is one of the pets that have two faces. Others are Double Bubble, Witty Dumbbell, Mocha DelightLucky Dice and Light Bros.
  • Bean Drop Duo actually is a meme of Jin-Ho Hong (ko: 홍진호), the well known as most got a second place of Starcraft (not 2) Korea league pro gamer (YellOw). And his last name 'Hong' sounds similar to 'Kong' (in English, bean). So it has many number '2' in price, upgrade cost (each doubled than before), description or in-game ability and design is based on bean pod that has a two of bean.

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