• RemoteBFB

    The wiki is getting raided!

    September 28, 2018 by RemoteBFB

    Hello i just got on and i see this user "cookierunisthebest" editing some pages and its kinda nsfw and the person even added a new category to Kumiho,White choco,Pink choco and Vampire i suppose 

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  • JustinMasterMine

    I was lucky enough to get CookieWars in my region, and I'm going to share some interesting trivia about it. When the game eventually gets released worldwide, you can prove or disprove my claims.

    • Tiger Lily Cookie is seen a lot throughout the teasers and trailers. She is shown in the first teaser, the introductory cutscene(in which she is the first Cookie that appears onscreen), one of the loading screens and even appears as a Jelly Walker along with Red Pepper Cookie and Orange Cookie in her Sun-kissed Summer outfit. Neither TL nor RP appeared in the game's release, nor their Jelly Walker forms. Orange does appear, but not her outfit.

    's Sun-kissed Summer costume, along with Jelly Walker versions of Tiger Lily Cookie and Red Pepper Cookie.]]

    • W…

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  • TristianJ

    Blackberry Cookie is an S-Grade Cookie that can create Blackberry jellies in a set interval.

    She is followed by three spirits, which eat Jellies and create Blackberry Jellies, Star Jelly Fireworks, or All-Coin Jellies in their place. These spirits can collect not only regular Jellies, but also jellies that are usually unattainable by Magnetic Aura.

    Spirits surrounding her eat Jellies and produce Blackberry Jellies at a given interval. Produces more Jellies with upgrades.

    She always wears a nonchalant look and other Cookies might think she is hard to approach. But looks are deceiving. She has the amazing ability to concentrate on one task until it's finished and has been helping other Cookies with their problems with amazing organizational skil…

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  • BlackberryMain

    Hello there in the cookie run wikia! I have opened up a new discord group for cookie run ovenbreak.Be sure to check it out!

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  • Hidbid


    July 18, 2018 by Hidbid

    Hi people (I have no idea how this works)

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  • Fyscl

    Cookie Run Sprite Pack

    July 5, 2018 by Fyscl

    All sprites in Cookie Run, all unpacked with a script!

    • OvenBreak (2009)
    • Cookie Run (LINE and Kakao) (2013)
    • Cookie Run: Munjil Munjil (clone of Disney Tsum Tsum) (2014)
    • Cookie Run: OvenBreak (2016)
    • Fonts

    Get the pack via Google Drive!

    Folder - ZIP

    The size is about 1GB. I highly recommend to download folders separately.

    Will be updated frequently!

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  • TristianJ

    | style1 = padding:0 | group1 = Bright Cookie Boarder Cookie Strawberry Cookie Cream Cookie Cloud Cookie Buttercream Choco Cookie }} | gtitle2 = | style2 = padding:0 | group2 = Princess Cookie Knight Cookie Muscle Cookie Zombie Cookie Ginger Claus Angel Cookie Ninja Cookie


    | gtitle3 = A-grade | style3 = padding:0 | group3 = | gtitle4 = S-grade | style4 = padding:0 | group4 = Pirate Cookie Ninja Cookie | gtitle2 = 1st Season | group2 = Skating Queen Cookie Hero Cookie Special Force Cookie Cheerleader Cookie Ninetales Cookie Devil Cookie Fairy Cookie | gtitle3 = 2nd Story | group3 = Wizard Cookie Rockstar Cookie Soda Cookie Cherry Cookie Cheesecake Cook…
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  • Fyscl

    Cookie Run Font Pack

    June 13, 2018 by Fyscl

    Hi guys, Fyscl here! I present you... The Cookie Run Font Pack! Download here!

    • Mikado (Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black and Ultra, both normal and italic. OpenType font)
    • VAG Rounded (Thin, Light, Black and Bold, each in OpenType, TrueType in a single font)
    • Noto Sans (KR, SC, Symbols, TC and Thai. 3 in OpenType and 2 in TrueType)

    Click the download button, and then unzip the file. Install all of them! Have fun using these!

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  • TristianJ
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  • Kevsuc

    Hello. As promised, I am releasing my new version of Cookie Run Wikia logo. The logo is specifically made without excessive special effects for visibility.

    However, this logo is not final. Any feedback or even your own submission for Cookie Run Wikia logo will be welcomed until 2 June 2018. The new logo has been actively released from now on.

    If you are interested for designing new logo, this Cookie Run Fan Kit will definitely help you.

    Thank you, and please leave your comment below.

    MGPVL3581 (u) (t) 14:12, May 17, 2018 (UTC)

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