• T And J Kids


    Since I'm going to be really inactive in this CR Wiki (I might pop up from time to time in the CROB Wiki) and I do not play LINE Cookie Run as much as I used to back in the old days, I am pleased to announce that TasukuRyuuenji—you can call them Tasuku for short—has been promoted to the role of admin. I hope they will enjoy becoming an admin here while I am away.

    If you are an active user and meet the requirements for being an admin, we are still open for positions. You can find info here.

    -- T And J Kids PeppermintSoda 04:42, August 14, 2017 (UTC)

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  • TasukuRyuuenji


    June 13, 2017 by TasukuRyuuenji

    (gently dying over the fact that almost none of the Power+ treasures have descriptions)

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  • T And J Kids


    May 13, 2017 by T And J Kids

    If you have noticed the Wiki Activity (or Recent Changes) page, I do not usually pop up as frequently as usual. School has got me, and I need some time to work on that. The inactivity on LINE Cookie Run itself is also another factor (even though I'm not active on the Cookie Run Ovenbreak Wiki as well). There is not much updates to keep the wiki spirit flowing lately. Kudos to Jimmy1126 for continually updating the events section of the wiki though! I'll update the most active users section for you!!

    Meanwhile, The CookieRunner on this wiki is no longer active. However, that does not mean The CookieRunner is defunct, gone, eradicated from the fandom! Rather, it has revived, but as a Wordpress site for reaching out to more people. The schedule i…

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  • Lizziechanmariee
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  • T And J Kids
    A CookieRunner Extra

    The CookieRunner is back in business! However, it will only be in the form of these blog posts, which are snippets of supposed issues of the magazine.

    As you may know, Cookie Run and the Cookie Run Wiki has gone through a lot this year. From new Cookies to new seasons to improvements to the wiki, the games and the wiki are still growing. Here are some highlights that have happened this year.

    Text highlighted in bold is the main highlight of the month (besides new Cookies), while text highlighted in italics refer to the pictures in each month.

    • Cookie Run celebrates New Year's Day.
    • Reversion  launches the idea of adding tables to Treasure categories as a way for players to decide which Treasure is better on a Treasure type and m…

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  • T And J Kids

    First off, if you don't get what I mean, look into and note what you see. You'll see only Korean of course, but when you translate the text, you'll see something so surprising, so astonishing, so triggering that you'll wish this would have never happened.

    Since this is going to happen, in memory of this service that has provided us with the Cookie Run merchandise we have heard of today, the Cookie Run Wiki would like to note down every item that the mall has provided to us since the year of its release. We are aware that the wiki is mainly focused on LINE Cookie Run, but even these players have heard of the merchandise, right? Even I myself have received three kinds of merch, all within the same year. I would like to…

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  • Gustafrist

    Hello Everyone

    I've been playing Cookie Run since 2014 and i know there is other version like Kakao or the newly released Ovenbreak, but i still play this game because i just want to start over..I think i will move to Ovenbreak someday

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  • Clubdcfdtl

    Today, Devsisters has been annouced that the next Treasure Draw Season will begin in December 22, 2016, at 11AM (GMT+9). So, according to the notices we can see in-game, these are the treasures that is not going to be available in the next Treasure Draw Season, including what's new in the "removed" list. Please note that this date is subject to change.

    The following items will not appear in Treasure Chest in the next season:

    • Rocky Hot Dog
    • Caramel Chocolate Energy Bar
    • Moon Rock
    • Flame Bat Camping Lantern
    • Honey-dipped String Cheese
    • Chocolate Covered Workbook
    • Golden Wreath
    • Colorful Mini Gumball Missile
    • 5g Ankle Weights for Amateurs
    • Rare Crystal Clam ( Generating)
    • Giant Crystal Ring ( Generating)
    • Embraced Sacred Crystal Sword ( Generating)

    • Waterproof Superwa…

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  • T And J Kids

    Ok... don't get too confused by the name of this blog post; it's actually the possible sprites for Cookies that haven't been released in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak yet. In addition, we have heard of the news of the upcoming winter update, which will release nine new Cookies into the game. Six Epics and three Rares. The first three are already out. Here are my predictions for their exhausted, duel loading, and duel win sprites.

    These are just predictions. The actual sprites may be subject to change.

    There are some predictions that I may have done before, but did not post. Hence, they do not appear here.

    Check mark means my prediction was correct; X mark means my prediction was wrong.

    Cookie 1v1 Duel Loading Sprite 1v1 Duel Win Sprite 1v1 Duel Lose/Exh…

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  • T And J Kids

    It's been two months since Kakao Cookie Run has released a new Cookie, and one and a half months since I last published an issue of The CookieRunner. (I will publish the latest issue by today.) Since the very long time gap, I became really bored and decided to start up a survey about LINE Cookie Run in general. I actually started this a few days ago, but made it public only today. Here is the link if you want to take part of it:

    I decided to start this survey because it might be fun to see trivia like where people play Cookie Run the most, at what age do most people play Cookie Run, and many more.

    If you have any questions regarding the survey, please feel free to do so in the comments below! In addition,…

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