• Fyscl

    Cookie Run Font Pack

    June 13, 2018 by Fyscl

    Hi guys, Fyscl here! I present you... The Cookie Run Font Pack! Download here!

    • Mikado (Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black and Ultra, both normal and italic. OpenType font)
    • VAG Rounded (Thin, Light, Black and Bold, each in OpenType, TrueType in a single font)
    • Noto Sans (KR, SC, Symbols, TC and Thai. 3 in OpenType and 2 in TrueType)

    Click the download button, and then unzip the file. Install all of them! Have fun using these!

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  • TristianJ
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  • Kevsuc

    Hello. As promised, I am releasing my new version of Cookie Run Wikia logo. The logo is specifically made without excessive special effects for visibility.

    However, this logo is not final. Any feedback or even your own submission for Cookie Run Wikia logo will be welcomed until 2 June 2018. The new logo has been actively released from now on.

    If you are interested for designing new logo, this Cookie Run Fan Kit will definitely help you.

    Thank you, and please leave your comment below.

    MGPVL3581 (u) (t) 14:12, May 17, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Kevsuc

    This is the short guide for icon templates, specifically from Cookie Run: OvenBreak. You may also read the icon template list for LINE Cookie Run.

    Code Default
    Size Maximum
    Size Result Example use
    Resizing the "Common" class icon into 600 pixels in width. The desired width is larger than the original size of 250 pixels in width.
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  • JustinMasterMine

    This proposal is based on a blog post by LegendGaming001. I decided to make a mock-up article with tabbers to separate the articles, to exemplify the proposal. And yes, by the time I made it, Blackberry Cookie was confirmed to be coming to Ovenbreak.

    Cookies are the playable character that possess its own unique skill, which is useful to collect coins, run longer, and gain points. Players can buy cookies with coins or crystals. Cookies are available to buy with coins after players have completed the requirement.

    With the correct combination of Cookies and Pets, the pair will be granted an additional ability for players to use.

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  • LegendGaming001

    So recently , we have discovered that LINE CR will be closed the 6th of JUNE , 2018 .

    So obviously , keeping a few data from that game will make some sort of "graveyard'

    But with all of the data in the same pages of CR:OB datas , it's kinda a mess . So my idea is to do 2 pages of List of Cookies (OB) ; List of Cookies (LINE) something like that . And the end-page is well-organized but WAY too big ! And I thought of putting only 1 square (before it was  big quare for LINE and one for OB ) but what I thought to do something like that :

    First Release | GingerBrave (OB ; LINE) | GingerBright (OB ; LINE) | ...

    And the LINE CR wikia was a good wikia too like what was wrong of that ?If you want I can still make one other wikia for Cookie Run stuff...…

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  • Kevsuc

    Refreshed Wikia theme

    April 23, 2018 by Kevsuc

    Hello there!

    It's been a long time we haven't refreshed our Wikia theme. So let's do it, shall we?

    Once you visit the Wikia, you might be shocked by how starkly different the current theme, than the previous themes for the last couple of years. The change was specifically designed to make CookieRun Wikia looks more neat and easier to read.

    First, you will notice the background. The background is taken from, the official website. I did not edit much, except lowering the quality (a bit) so they will load faster in here.

    There is a major change in links and buttons too. The links are no longer purple, but now in sky blue, meanwhile the buttons are somehow in between of purple and pink. The inspiration is taken from Cookie Run: OvenB…

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  • Shortness94

    Thanks, Devisters...

    March 19, 2018 by Shortness94

    LCR is closing down in June. It angers me that I put so much time and effort into that game, and it's closing down, because they're so focused on Ovenbreak. But, ya know, "all good things come to an end" (I LOATHE that saying. It's pretty much saying that optimism and happiness is a waste of time, and bad things last forever. FFS). I may have an unpopular opinion, but OB is a pay to win game. If you want to get ahead, pay money. I hope that at the very least, they add most of the cookies from Line, to OB. I've known mobile games to last for years (King games, Geometry Dash, etc). LCR didn't have to end, so I'm not even gonna hear any bs excuses for the game closing down. I don't care for any in advance. They could have focused on both game…

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  • Kevsuc


    It's been almost 2 years since I virtually out of this Wikia. The real life after college has really hit me hard.

    Today I come back with a sad news.

    LINE Cookie Run will be closing its service at June 5, 2018, 15:00 GMT+9.

    In addition, the app will be pulled from both iOS App Store and Android Play Store on April 18, 2018, and players will no longer be able to make any purchases on April 18. The customer support for LINE Cookie Run will be closed by October 31, 2018.

    It's a very sad news for me. I left LCR and this Wikia since 2016, then I finally left LCR for good as soon as CROB launches. However, I started to think back all the memories I have collected by LCR.

    I played for countless hours to this game, put my time and effort (and mone…

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  • PeppermintSoda


    Since I'm going to be really inactive in this CR Wiki (I might pop up from time to time in the CROB Wiki) and I do not play LINE Cookie Run as much as I used to back in the old days, I am pleased to announce that TasukuRyuuenji—you can call them Tasuku for short—has been promoted to the role of admin. I hope they will enjoy becoming an admin here while I am away.

    If you are an active user and meet the requirements for being an admin, we are still open for positions. You can find info here.

    -- T And J Kids PeppermintSoda 04:42, August 14, 2017 (UTC)

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