Bonus Time
The letters that will make up "Bonus Time"
First variation The classic type
(Pink and Yellow bear jellies, Silver and Gold coins, Blast and magnet jellies)
Second variation The space type
(Pink and Yellow bear jellies, Silver and gold coins, Blast Jellies, Giant Gold Coins [Rare])
Third variation Rainbow Rush
(All coins, huge bear jellies, yellow and pink bear jellies)

Bonus Time is a special session that will take away the cookie from the running stage and enter into the 'Bonus Time World'. In the Bonus Time session, the cookie's energy does not drain and the cookie will fly using their pet.

There are three forms of Bonus Time:

  • Classic Bonus Time,
  • Space Bonus Time, and
  • Rainbow Rush Bonus Time (alternatively known as puking-bear type).

These three types of Bonus Time can help the player in different ways.

Earning Bonus Time Edit

Bonus Time session can be earned in several ways. The first one is collecting alphabet letters (B-O-N-U-S-T-I-M-E) appearing in many places during the run. Each alphabet letter gives 230 points.

The second one is taking the Bonus Time Jelly that will instantly bring the cookie into Bonus Time session. For each episode, Bonus Time Jelly appears at:

The Wrath of the Dragon update did not put Bonus Time Jelly in Episode 2 (Primeval Jungle). And also the New World Discovered update did not put Bonus Time Jelly in Episode 5 (Dessert Paradise).

Pets can produce Bonus Time Jelly too, like Cozy Yarn and Magic Pod. However, if the player earns incomplete letters before the Bonus Time Jelly, all letters will disappear after Bonus Time session, requiring players to earn back all letters from scratch.

Types of Bonus Time Edit

Classic Edit

The classic type of Bonus Time is very decent. It has yellow and pink bear jellies, silver and gold coins, with Blast Jelly, Giant Jelly, and Magnet Jelly sometimes appearing in the middle of Bonus Time. Both bear jellies and coins have relatively equal portions. They spread into few formations and can help giving a large amount of points. An addition in "Edge of The World" season adds flying bear jellies that cannot be attracted by magnetic aura or Magnet Jelly, and requires the player to control the cookie in order to gain them.

In Escape from the Oven, the background is made of a blue sky, clouds, and a rainbow from a distance, resembling the cookie flying above the clouds. This is also used in the older seasons, with a special background made for Edge of the World

In Primeval Jungle, the background is a clear blue sky, but lack clouds and rainbow. The sky has some glossy effects.

In Dragon's Valley, the background is similar with Primeval Jungle, but has ashes and thunder around it.

In The City of Wizards, the background features an ancient sculpture of the sun and the clouds appear to be waves of water.

In Dessert Paradise, the background is a blue sky, with beautiful rainbows and more clouds. Clouds have some sparkles on it.

In Tower of Frozen Waves, the background features large figures of snowflakes plastered around an ice blue background.

Classic type of Bonus Time appears for every odd-numbered session of Bonus Time (first, third, fifth, and so on).

Space Edit

The space type of Bonus Time has coins and bear jellies lined up in a straight or diagonal movement, introduced in Season 2 (2nd Story). There are three "lines" in this bonus time. In front of every line, a Blast Jelly appears presumably to make a 'rocket'. Rarely, a Giant Gold Coin appears here. This area would be hard to navigate because of its speed, unless the player equips magnetic aura. This Bonus Time probably a difficult one to handle for amateurs. The Bonus Time combination for "Edge of The World" update does not have much difference, with the exception of firework jelly may appear sometime in the Bonus Time. Firework jelly cannot be attracted by magnetic aura. Combined with the speed of blast jelly, obtaining the firework jelly can be another twist in the Space Bonus Time.

In Escape from the Oven, players can see a scene of outer space with asteroids floating around. They are cosmetic and do not affect the Cookie in any way. This is also used in older seasons, with a special background made for Edge of the World

In Primeval Jungle, players can see a night sky full of stars.

In Dragon's Valley, the background is dark red which resembles a hot and fiery sky with volcanic environment.

In The City of Wizards, the background features constellations of stars that make up shapes. Jelly Scale, Coin Scale, Drop of Choco, and several other pets make up the constellation shapes.

In Dessert Paradise, the background have a beautiful night sky full of stars with aurora and clouds.

In Tower of Frozen Waves, there is a huge moon in the center of the background with a sky full of stars. As players advance within the Bonus Time, the background will slowly reveal the top of the tower.

Space type of Bonus Time appears for every even-numbered session of Bonus Time (second, fourth, sixth, and so on).

Rainbow Rush Edit

Also referred to as 'puking bears' or 'bear jellies' type, this type of Bonus Time is the rarest, and gives the most points and coins. This can only be obtained by getting Bonus Time while having low health (signalled by red lights on the top-bottom edge of the screen and the Energy Bar gives a pulse of rings). This is an area where giant gold coins and giant bear jellies appears very often. Players at Bonus Time length 10 seconds and above can earn at least 1,000 coins per section. This level produces 8 formations, but after some distance, only a line of small bear jellies will appear until Bonus Time ends.

The background in season 2 is a scene of lots of huge pink bear jellies, and one is puking a huge rainbow, hence the name. "Edge of The World" season has the same but retouched background.

Each cookie may only earn the Rainbow Rush once (making its maximum appearance only twice in a run - one for main cookie and the other for relay cookie). If the Rainbow Rush Bonus Time has already been played and the same cookie gets another Bonus Time session in low health, only classic or space themed Bonus Time will appear.

In Episode 4, Dark Moon Jellies appears on Rainbow Rush Bonus Time. Also, there are no Giant Gold Coins.

Gallery Edit

When Entering Edit

Episode 1: Escape from the Oven Edit

Edge of The World Edit

Episode 2: Primeval Jungle Edit

Episode 3: Dragon's Valley Edit

Episode 4: The City of Wizards Edit

Episode 5: Dessert Paradise Edit

Special Episode 2: Tower of Frozen WavesEdit

Rainbow Rush Edit

With Apple Cookie Edit

With Cotton Candy Cookie Edit

Bonus Time Upgrade Edit

For the first time player, Bonus Time session is very short, with just 3 seconds in length. Players can upgrade the Bonus Time session length by upgrading in the Upgrade Powers column before playing the game or equipping items that can make Bonus Time longer. Upgrade Powers are permanent.

From Level 31 and above, the upgrade will not extend the bonus time length, but only give additional bonus points for every obtained jelly during Bonus Time session.

Level Icon Upgrade Cost Length (sec.) Bonus Points
Bonus Level 1
N/A 3.0 0%
Bonus Level 2
800 3.6 0%
Bonus Level 3
1,300 3.9 0%
Bonus Level 4
1,800 4.2 0%
Bonus Level 5
2,300 4.5 0%
Bonus Level 6
2,800 4.8 0%
Bonus Level 7
3,300 5.1 0%
Bonus Level 8
3,800 5.4 0%
Bonus Level 9
4,300 5.7 0%
Bonus Level 10
4,800 6.0 0%
Bonus Level 11
5,300 6.3 0%
Bonus Level 12
5,800 6.6 0%
Bonus Level 13
6,300 6.9 0%
Bonus Level 14
6,800 7.2 0%
Bonus Level 15
7,300 7.5 0%
Bonus Level 16
7,800 7.8 0%
Bonus Level 17
8,300 8.1 0%
Bonus Level 18
8,800 8.4 0%
Bonus Level 19
9,300 8.7 0%
Bonus Level 20
9,800 9.0 0%
Bonus Level 21
10,300 9.2 0%
Bonus Level 22
10,800 9.4 0%
Bonus Level 23
11,300 9.6 0%
Bonus Level 24
11,800 9.8 0%
Bonus Level 25
12,300 10.0 0%
Bonus Level 26
12,800 10.2 0%
Bonus Level 27
13,300 10.4 0%
Bonus Level 28
13,800 10.6 0%
Bonus Level 29
14,300 10.8 0%
Bonus Level 30
14,800 11.0 0%
Bonus Level 31
15,300 11.0 1%
Bonus Level 32
15,800 11.0 2%
Bonus Level 33
16,300 11.0 3%
Bonus Level 34
16,800 11.0 4%
Bonus Level 35
17,300 11.0 5%
Bonus Level 36
17,800 11.0 6%
Bonus Level 37
18,300 11.0 7%
Bonus Level 38
18,800 11.0 8%
Bonus Level 39
19,300 11.0 9%
Bonus Level 40
19,800 11.0 10%
Bonus Level 41
20,300 11.0 11%
Bonus Level 42
20,800 11.0 12%
Bonus Level 43
21,300 11.0 13%
Bonus Level 44
21,800 11.0 14%
Bonus Level 45
22,300 11.0 15%
Bonus Level 46
22,800 11.0 16%
Bonus Level 47
23,300 11.0 17%
Bonus Level 48
23,800 11.0 18%
Bonus Level 49
24,300 11.0 19%
Bonus Level 50
24,800 11.0 20%
Bonus Level 51
25,300 11.0 21%
Bonus Level 52
25,800 11.0 22%
Bonus Level 53
26,300 11.0 23%
Bonus Level 54
26,800 11.0 24%
Bonus Level 55
27,300 11.0 25%
Bonus Level 56
27,800 11.0 26%
Bonus Level 57
28,300 11.0 27%
Bonus Level 58
28,800 11.0 28%
Bonus Level 59
29,300 11.0 29%
Bonus Level 60
29,800 11.0 30%
Bonus Level 61
29,800 11.0 31%
Bonus Level 62
29,800 11.0 32%
Bonus Level 63
29,800 11.0 33%
Bonus Level 64
29,800 11.0 34%
Bonus Level 65
29,800 11.0 35%
Bonus Level 66
29,800 11.0 36%
Bonus Level 67
29,800 11.0 37%
Bonus Level 68
29,800 11.0 38%
Bonus Level 69
29,800 11.0 39%
Bonus Level 70
29,800 11.0 40%

Items and Cookies that boost Bonus Time Edit

Cookies that help Bonus Time Edit

Pets that helps Bonus Time Edit

  • Rainbow's End, grows up to 4x in Bonus Time
  • Mocha Delight, makes alphabet jellies up to every 3 sec
  • Cozy Yarn, generates Bonus Time Jelly up to every 53 sec
  • Flowercopter, speeds up Bonus Time up to 120% faster
  • Magic Pod, generates Bonus Time jellies that start with a Blast up to every 53 sec
  • Yule Log Cake generates Giant Jellies, equipped with Alphabet Jellies that the player doesn't have.
  • Tea Cup generates Mini Energy Potions, equipped with Alphabet Jellies that the player doesn't have.
  • Bean Drop Duo generates peas that for some reason, represent the letter "E".

Treasures that help Bonus Time Edit

Trivia Edit

  • While it is possible, but unlikely, to encounter Alphabet Jellies in Bonus Time they do not extend the time nor count towards your next Bonus Time. However, exceptions occur if you collect one or multiple Alphabet Jelly/Jellies at the very end of the Bonus Time (namely, when the cookie is already descending but not completely out of the Bonus Time yet), and in such situations, what you collect will be counted towards your next Bonus Time.
  • The Space variant is the only type not to have rainbows.
  • Rainbow Rush has the most limited formations compared to other types of Bonus Time, only 8 formations. It is also the only variant with no Power Jellies. Exceptions may occur in such modes in the Tower of Frozen Waves as some may provide Blast Jellies and/or Health Potions.
  • The classic variant, notably, is the only Bonus Time that has no Giant Gold Coins. Exceptions also occur in some stages of the Tower of Frozen Waves, and mostly those that requires your to collect a bunch of Giant Gold Coins.
  • The Tower of Frozen Waves Bonus Time is the only episode to not have a fixed formation for every stage/floor. Rather, the formation for each Bonus Time changes by floor.
  • Apple Cookie's ability changed the background of the Bonus Time. It will change the Bonus Time to the crayon version of the respective type in Escape from the Oven, even thought it is played on a different episode.
  • Rockstar Cookie and Mint Choco Cookie changed the audio of the Bonus Time. With the introduction of Episode 2 and 3, which has different music, their ability changed the music to their own themes (the remix versions of Episode 1 version of Bonus Time), even when played on other episodes.
  • In the description for the app in the app store, it is called Fever Mode. It is also seen in some audio files of Bonus Time.
  • BONUS TIME in Elder Futhark

    A set of runic alphabets, which transliterates into "BONUSTIME".

    It has been noticed that the runes around the Bonus Time hourglasses actually have meanings to them. One of the runes actually translate to BONUSTIME, while some other runes are "Nam Libero" and "Tempus Edax Rerum", both are Latin phrases translated to "For Freedom" and "Devouring Time". As to why the runes are present, it is not known, presumably for aesthetic purposes since the "time" in Bonus Time is bonus per se, where extra time is given.

Audio Gallery Edit

When entering Bonus TimeEdit

I feverin

Bonus Time - Escape from the Oven Edit

Classic Edit

Bgm fever

Space Edit

Bgm fever2

Bonus Time - Dragon's Valley Edit

Classic Edit

Bgm epN03-Bonus-Day

Space Edit

Bgm epN03-Bonus-Night

Bonus Time - Dessert Paradise Edit

Classic Edit

Bgm epN05-Bonus-Day

Space Edit

Bgm epN05-Bonus-Night

Bonus Time - Primeval Jungle Edit

Classic Edit

Bgm epN02-Bonus-Day

Space Edit

Bgm epN02-Bonus-Night

Bonus Time - The City of Wizards Edit

Classic Edit

Bgm epN04-Bonus-Day

Space Edit

Bgm epN04-Bonus-Night

Bonus Time - Tower of Frozen Waves Edit

Classic Edit

Bgm epS02-Bonus-Day

Space Edit

Bgm epS02-Bonus-Night

Rainbow Rush Edit

Classic Edit

Bgm fever3

During Halloween Party 2015Edit

Bgm fever3 halloween