Quote1 Who da cookie? I'm the O.G. Cookie hero! Quote2
―Brave Cookie

Brave Cookie's Brave Challenge is a limited-time event starting from 9 January to 19 January 2015. In this event, players are required to reach certain goals with only using Brave Cookie, as described: "Run as Brave Cookie and beat the challenges set to win! Get all sorts of prizes with each challenge you beat!"

Players can use any pet and treasure combination. Boosts are allowed except for Cookie Relay. Another specific rule is that missions cannot be completed in Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins.

Walkthrough Edit

The first thing you want to do is to upgrade the Brave Cookie to level 6 for max energy. It will only cost you Coin 001 5,100. (Don't bother upgrading him further.)

If you have lots of pets and treasures in your arsenal, you can finish the whole challenge in just 4 games. Although it looks like it has lots of mission, most of them can be completed in one game. The mission is all about:

  • Points (Reach 15M Points)
  • Coins (Reach 13K Coins)
  • Revives (Revive 6 times)
  • Fall in Holes (Fall 4 times)
  • Bonus Time (Go to Bonus Time 5 times)
  • Clearing Stages (Various)

Of course, three games are necessary to clear stages in each episode. We tried to get the most out of that three games. Using Brain Gum will significantly help players to reach stages without using any random boosts.

You can do this if you met these requirements:

  • You have the pets and treasures necessary to do these.
  • Energy Upgrade is at Lv50.
  • Jelly Upgrade is at least Lv40.
  • Your player level is at least Lv50.
  • Brave Cookie is at least Level 6.
  • No collision is made during every run.
Game Pet Treasures Episode Random Boost Mission Completed
1 Magic Pod / Cozy Yarn Holy Feather, 2 Wonder Donuts (both at least +4) Escape from the Oven None Clearing Stages, Revives, Bonus Time, Points
2 Brain Gum / Enchanted Locket Holy Feather, 2 Wonder Donuts (or 1 at +9) Primeval Jungle None Clearing Stages, Fall in Holes
3 Brain Gum / Enchanted Locket Holy Feather, Any Energy Drink Treasure Dragon's Valley None Clearing Stages
4 Fluffy Cheese Cat / Gold Drop / Paprika Punching Bag Holy Feather, any Magnetic Treasure or Coin Bonus Treasure Escape from the Oven Double Coins Coins

If you'd rather want to complete the challenge individually or you do not meet the requirements above, you may want to refer to Extreme Challenge Event last year, where lots of these challenges can properly be achieved, albeit with Brave Cookie.

List of Mission GoalsEdit

Mission Goal Reward
500K pts achieved Coin 001 3,000 Coins
1M pts achieved 100 Gift Points
2M pts achieved 2 Energy Boosts
5M pts achieved 2 Power Jellies Boosts
8M pts achieved 3 Double XPs
10M pts achieved 3 Keys
12M pts achieved CookieRunCrystal 5 Crystals
15M pts achieved Coin 001 7000 Coins
1000 Coins collected 100 Gift Points
2000 Coins collected 2 Energy Boosts
4000 Coins collected 4 Power Jellies Boosts
6000 Coins collected 2 Double XPs
8000 Coins collected 2 Fast Starts
10K Coins collected 2 Cookie Relays
12K Coins collected 3 Keys
13K Coins collected CookieRunCrystal 5 Crystals
Revive once 200 Gift Points
Revive twice 2 Cookie Relays
Revive 5 times Coin 001 7000 Coins
Revive 6 times 1 Supreme Treasure Chest ticket
Fall in a hole twice 2 Cookie Relays
Fall in a hole 4 times 1 Supreme Treasure Chest ticket
Go to Bonus Time 3 times 3 Power Jellies Boosts
Go to Bonus Time 5 times Coin 001 7000 Coins
Reached Stg. 8, Ep. 1 1 Cookie Relay
Reached Stg. 9, Ep. 1 Coin 001 7000 Coins
Reached Stg. 10, Ep. 1 300 Gift Points
Reached Stg. 11, Ep. 1 5 Keys
Reached Stg. 3, Ep. 2 3 Fast Starts
Reached Stg. 4, Ep. 2 Coin 001 8000 Coins
Reached Stg. 5, Ep. 2 4 Keys
Reached Stg. 6, Ep. 2 CookieRunCrystal 5 Crystals
Reached Stg. 2, Ep. 3 5 Keys
Reached Stg. 3, Ep. 3 Coin 001 8000 Coins
Reached Stg. 4, Ep. 3 CookieRunCrystal 5 Crystals

For finishing certain amount of mission goals above, you will get the bonuses below. Mission goals can be cleared in any order.

Bonus Mission Goal Reward
7 Missions CookieRunCrystal 10 Crystals
14 Missions CookieRunCrystal 10 Crystals
21 Missions CookieRunCrystal 10 Crystals
28 Missions CookieRunCrystal 10 Crystals
All Missions CookieRunCrystal 10 Crystals

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