Brown Fortune Dough is one of the four Fortune Doughs available in the game. It is the most common dough out of all the four doughs.


Fortune Cookie dough with a sprinkle of luck powder. Perfectly brown when cooked!

Available RewardsEdit

These are the list of available rewards can be obtained from Brown Fortune Dough. The reward can be any one of these, but it's also possible to obtain another Dough as the second additional reward.

CookieRunCrystal between 1~5 Crystal
Coin 001 between 1,000~10,000 Coin
Great Treasure Chest Ticket 1 Great Treasure Chest Ticket
Supreme Treasure Chest Ticket 1 Supreme Treasure Chest Ticket
Treasure Cabinet Expansion between 3~5 Treasure Cabinet Expansion slots
S Grade Ingredients 1 random S-grade Ingredients
MP between 100~800 Magic Powder
Key between 3~5 Keys
Elixir of Experience SElixir of Experience M Elixir of Experience S or M
Boost Set between 1~3 Boost Set
GP between 100~300 Gift Points
Lives between 5~20 Lives
Brown Fortune DoughSilver Fortune Dough Additional: Brown or Silver Fortune Dough

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