Quote1 I have too many Coins... more? Yeah, I'll take some more! Quote2
―Buttercream Choco Cookie

Buttercream Choco Cookie is a B-grade cookie with the ability to give a coin bonus from 5% up to 25%. It's recommended to level him up very early in the game, as he is one of the best cookies for Coin Farming. Although his Combo Pet is the Dust Unicorn, players tend to use the Gold Drop or Pirate’s Bomb to get more coins in one run. After upgrading the cookie to level 8, you get his treasure, Buttercream Choco Cookie's Butter, which gives an additional 3~4% coin bonus. However, there are other treasures with higher coin bonuses which are more likely to be used.

Currently this cookie is only available in the LINE version of the game.

Skill Edit

Up to 25% bonus on collected Coins.

Description Edit

Justifying his nickname "Rich", Buttercream Choco Cookie knows how to handle his Coins, with positive return on all investments. He wouldn't share his secret, but a source tells us he particularly likes clean energy.

Statistics Edit

Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost
100 5% Coin Bonus N/A
105 8% Coin Bonus 7,000
110 11% Coin Bonus 10,000
115 14% Coin Bonus 13,000
120 17% Coin Bonus 16,000
125 20% Coin Bonus 19,000
130 22% Coin Bonus 22,000
135 25% Coin Bonus 25,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Pet Combi Bonus
Dust Unicorn
Dust Unicorn (B) 20% less cool out time for Dust Unicorn
Hat of Santa
Hat of Santa (B) 15% extra Coins

Loading MessagesEdit

  • I like beautiful Cookies. The more, the better!
  • Let me show you where to get Gold Coins.
  • If you need Coins, just let me know.
  • You dig whipped cream, don't ya?
  • Let me show you my piles of Coins...
  • I have too many Coins... more? Yeah, I'll take some more!

Updates Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Before other cookies were released, he was the only cookie that was able to grant players 25% Coin bonus. He is still a popular alternative for cookie relay in Coin Farming strategies.
  • Buttercream Choco Cookie is one of the Cookies that had his unlock requirement changed. Before the current one, his old requirement was to get 13,500 coins.
  • During the Halloween Party 2014 and 2015, Buttercream Choco Cookie dressed up as Superman.
  • In the Kakao Version of the game, it is speculated that Buttercream Choco Cookie is the father of Cheesecake Cookie, though he has no specified wife.
    • He even states that his child is more precious than his money.


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