Buttercream Choco Cookie's Rich Challenge is an event in which players have to obtain large amount of coins in a single run using only Buttercream Choco Cookie. Players are not allowed to use Relays to obtain the rewards, and Ghost Pirate's Island of Coins is not part of the event.

Recommended StrategiesEdit

Although we have 28 different missions here, all of them only requires you to get Coins in four different episodes. Therefore, this mission is doable in even just four runs. The first thing you need to get is absolutely "Double Coins" from Random Boost - there's no other way to beat that. Buttercream Choco Cookie itself gives you 25% coin bonus which also will be doubled.

You will need to reach these "target coins" - your net earning of coins before the game's over - so when they boosted by Buttercream Choco Cookie's ability and Double Coins boost, you will get the highest goal of each episode. Later, you can maximize the net earning by using pets or treasures.

Episode Target Coins Highest Mission Goal
Episode 1: Escape from the Oven Coin 001 12,000 Coin 001 30,000
Episode 2: Primeval Jungle Coin 001 7,200 Coin 001 18,000
Episode 3: Dragon's Valley Coin 001 8,800 Coin 001 22,000
Episode 4: The City of Wizards Coin 001 8,000 Coin 001 20,000

General Strategy using Coin FlowerEdit

Pet Treasures
Coin Scale Combination 1
Golden Magic Flower Pot Golden Magic Flower Pot Angel Cookie's Rainbow Feather
Combination 2
99.9 Gold Energy Drink 99.9 Gold Energy Drink Golden Magic Flower Pot
Other treasure alternatives
PPB Yellow Seeds Gold Lotus Blossom Wisdom Ring Boatman's Burning Gold Sword Magnetic Energy Recovery Drink

Coin Scale has the highest coin production (300,000 points converted into 160 coin per 4 seconds), so always use this pet. There are two different combinations preferred for treasures, both are aimed for creating coin flower as much as possible, using two 99.9% Gold Energy Drink and Golden Magic Flower Pot, or maybe using two Golden Magic Flower Pot but it has to be paired with Angel Cookie's Rainbow Feather so the magnetic aura attraction will take the coins from the coin flower.[1]

If you don't have any of those treasures (because all treasures except the Feather are premium ones), you can alternatively use Paprika Punching Bag's Yellow Seeds, treasures with slower energy drain, or maximizing revives with Boatman's Burning Gold Sword.

Other helpful tips to help you accomplish the mission:

  • Use Fast Start to guarantee some points, to keep Coin Scale converting at maximum even from the start of the game.
  • Make sure you are using Energy Boost and Power Jellies Boost as well.
  • Avoid hitting obstacles as best as possible, as hitting even once will seriously lower your coin earnings.

Alternative Strategy for Dragon's ValleyEdit

Pet Treasures
Coin Scale Boatman's Burning Gold SwordMagnetic Energy Recovery DrinkLimited Edition Colorful Jelly Crown

In Dragon's Valley, you can maximize the Coin Scale by gaining as much points for the Colorful Star Jellies, a common sight in Dragon's Valley. As you play, take as much star jellies with your limited Magnetic Aura, which keeps you enough to maximize the Coin Scale. Here, endurance is key, and you have to avoid hitting obstacles even once. Use your Fast Start to blast your way to the second stage, taking all three of the colorful star jellies in the first stage.

As you reach Stage 4, your health will start to deplete. Boatman's Burning Gold Sword allows you to revive three times, give you just enough time to take the Bonus Time jelly. This is the objective. Be sure to jump for the final catch on the Bonus Time Jelly, because failing to take the Bonus Time Jelly will not give the player enough coins to achieve the highest challenge in Dragon's Valley.

Make sure that you also equip Energy Boost, Power Jellies Boost, and Fast Start. You will also need to have Cheerleader Cookie and Ms. Do-Re-Mi or Mr. Fa-Sol-La-Si's Power+ effect. This will give you just enough time to take the Rainbow Rush Bonus Time Jelly at the end of stage 4.

Alternative Strategy for The City of WizardsEdit

Pet Treasures
Coin Scale

For Coin Bonus
Golden Magic Flower PotGold Lotus Blossom Wisdom RingBoatman's Burning Gold Sword
For Magnetic Aura
Magnetic Energy Recovery DrinkAngel Cookie's Rainbow Feather99.9 Gold Energy Drink

Dark Moon Jellies commonly found in this episode will supply lots of points needed to make Coin Scale's ability working at maximum. You can use Fast Start to guarantee some points and make Coin Scale keeps converting at maximum even from the start of the game.

You can use treasures that will reward you coin bonus or revives the cookie in case the obstacles are hitting you a lot. Magnetic aura might still be needed to help catching some coins found in the game too.

List of Missions and RewardsEdit

Episode 1: Escape from the Oven Edit

Mission Reward
2,000 Coins in Episode 1 3,000 Coin 001
3,000 Coins in Episode 1 3 Double XP
5,000 Coins in Episode 1 3 Power Jellies Boosts
7,000 Coins in Episode 1 5,000 Coin 001
15,000 Coins in Episode 1 2 Fast Start
23,000 Coins in Episode 1 5 Double XP
30,000 Coins in Episode 1 200 MP

Episode 2: Primeval Jungle Edit

Mission Reward
3,000 Coins in Episode 2 3 Energy Boost
5,000 Coins in Episode 2 2 Fast Start
7,000 Coins in Episode 2 5,000 Coin 001
10,000 Coins in Episode 2 5 Double XP
12,000 Coins in Episode 2 100 MP
16,000 Coins in Episode 2 2 Cookie Relay
18,000 Coins in Episode 2 300 MP

Episode 3: Dragon's Valley Edit

Mission Reward
3,000 Coins in Episode 3 1 Cookie Relay
6,000 Coins in Episode 3 4,000 Coin 001
9,000 Coins in Episode 3 3 Energy Boost
14,000 Coins in Episode 3 5 Double XP
17,000 Coins in Episode 3 8,000 Coin 001
19,000 Coins in Episode 3 200 MP
22,000 Coins in Episode 3 400 MP

Episode 4: The City of Wizards Edit

Mission Reward
3,000 Coins in Episode 4 1 Fast Start
5,000 Coins in Episode 4 3 Double XP
7,000 Coins in Episode 4 7,000 Coin 001
10,000 Coins in Episode 4 3 Energy Boost
14,000 Coins in Episode 4 2 Cookie Relay
17,000 Coins in Episode 4 200 MP
20,000 Coins in Episode 4 400 MP

Bonus Reward Edit

Mission Reward
7 Challenges completed 10 CookieRunCrystal
14 Challenges completed 10 CookieRunCrystal
21 Challenges completed 10 CookieRunCrystal
28 Challenges completed 10 CookieRunCrystal

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the hardest challenges ever created in Cookie Run, since some challenges can only be done if players have one or two S-grade treasure in possession. In other words, without it, it is impossible to complete the challenge.

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