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This Ingredient category lists all B-grade Ingredients.

Treasure Ep. Picture Possible Treasure Evolutions
Floating Dandelion Seed all
Floating Dandelion Seed
3-Leaf Clover all
3-Leaf Clover
Sturdy Stone all
Sturdy Stone
The Last Strawberry 1
The Last Strawberry
Hedgehog Spike 1
Hedgehog Spike
Hollowed Out Pumpkin 1
Hollowed Out Pumpkin
Shiny Snail's Shell 1
Shiny Snail's Shell
Dried Bat Wing 1
Dried Bat Wing
Sticky Sundew 2
Sticky Sundew
Chameleon Tongue 2
Chameleon Tongue
Shattered Chandelier Piece 2
Shattered Chandelier Piece
Sweet Sugar Cane 2
Sweet Sugar Cane
Choco Dung Beetle's Food 2
Choco Dung Beetle's Food
Chocolate Magma Block 3
Chocolate Magma Block
Giant Sulfuric Volcano Egg 3
Giant Sulfuric Volcano Egg
Flaming Marshmallow 3
Flaming Marshmallow
Flame Glow Acorn 3
Flame Glow Acorn
Mysterious Maze Piece 4
Mysterious Maze Piece
Dried Flower Petal 4
Dried Flower Petal
Star Shaped Brass Cap 4
Star Shaped Brass Cap
Pink Waxcap Mushroom 4
Pink Waxcap Mushroom
Cocoa Butter S1
Cocoa Butter
Evening Primrose Moss S1
Evening Primrose Moss
Snapped Pearl Necklace S1
Snapped Pearl Necklace
Deep-sea Mussel Meat S2
Deep-sea Mussel Meat
Tripodfish's Third Leg S2
Tripodfish's Third Leg
Tentacles of Giant Jellyfish S2
Tentacles of Giant Jellyfish

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