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This Ingredient category lists all C-grade Ingredients.

Treasure Ep. Picture Possible Treasure Evolutions
Timber Board all
Timber Board
Simple Soil all
Simple Soil
Glutinous Rice Flour all
Glutinous Rice Flour
Picked Cherry Stem all
Picked Cherry Stem
Pastry Crumbs all
Pastry Crumbs
Real Wasabi 1
Real Wasabi
Fuzzy Mold 1
Fuzzy Mold
Sparkling Sugar Cube 1
Sparkling Sugar Cube
Dry Pine Cone 1
Dry Pine Cone
Dew Drop on a Petal 1
Dew Drop on a Petal
Hardened Wax 2
Hardened Wax
Burnt-out Ashes 2
Burnt-out Ashes
Lava Splatter 3
Lava Splatter
Heavy Tree Branch 3
Heavy Tree Branch
Rusty Brass Piece 4
Rusty Brass Piece
Part of Bookworm's Eyeglasses 4
Part of Bookworm's Eyeglasses
Kelp Caught on the Anchor S1
Kelp Caught on the Anchor
Chewy Starfish S1
Chewy Starfish
Broken Snowflake Candy S2
Broken Snowflake Candy
Blue Whale's Beard S2
Blue Whale's Beard

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