Treasure Evolution Page

Magnetobuff Energy Drink about to be evolved.

Quote1 Gather ingredients and evolve treasures to make them even more powerful! Quote2
―Cookie Run: New World Newsletter

Evolve Treasure is a special feature introduced starting in the Season 4 of Cookie Run. With this feature, the player can combine their existing treasures and some ingredients into a treasure with better effects.

There are two ways to evolve treasures: using coins and using crystals. Crystals guarantee an evolution, but coins do not. If players are extra lucky, their Treasure may evolve into a Lucky (or Blessed) Treasure which has enhanced abilities.

Treasures maintain their upgrade level even after evolving. All evolved treasures can be sold for Coin 001 9,999, regardless of rank and upgrade levels. At some point, it decreases the value from the unevolved treasure.

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