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This feature is currently on testing. Procedures in this article may change without notice.

Welcome to Cookie Run Wiki's Featured Article, where each month we will feature an article that has excellent, complete, and concise information. In this page, users can gather around, nominate an article worthy to be featured, and will be contested with other nominations. To nominate an article for featured status, simply put {{Request for Featured}} on top of the requested page and add the name of the page and why you think it make good featured article status in this page.

Featured Articles will be featured during the entire month. While an article is being featured, you can nominate and contest the upcoming featured article for the following month.

Any user can nominate an article. To do so, users can put {{Request for Featured}} in the article, and as the nominator, users can simply place on the bottom section of the featured article page and the reason as to why it was worthy to be nominated. In this stage, other users can give a remark on the nomination whether or not they agree or disagree with the nomination. All users are able to vote on which is the best article that is worth to be featured on the following month. Users can only vote either Support or Oppose, but is able to vote for more than one candidate. Our admin will consider the votes and the winner will be declared the featured article of the month. At this point, all progress are reset, and the cycle continues.

Nominations: Featured Article Nominations