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Articles in this category are nominated by users across the Wiki to be contested as the featured article for next month. If you like to vote, you may go to CR:FA to cast your vote and make your choice pushed as next month's featured article.

Alternatively, you can also find and nominate a new article that sees fit. Make sure the article fit these qualifications:

  • Article cannot have been featured previously.
  • Article must be written in third person and must be completely unbiased and retain consistent use of italics and bold.
  • Article must contain at least three images (excluding the game icons) with as high quality as possible, unless the topic is one that does not have any available images.
  • Article must have at least five paragraphs of factual, unbiased information, preferably more, unless the topic of the article does not have enough facts available to warrant them.
  • Templates used in the article must be identical to templates used in pages of the same category (for example, using the Cookie Infobox template correctly).
  • Article cannot contain Spoiler tag, and must cover the LINE version of Cookie Run, thus cannot have content exclusive on the Kakao version of the game.
  • Article cannot be in the Improvement Hub.

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