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This Ingredient category lists all C, B, A, S, and SS Ingredients that appear in Episode 1: Escape from the Oven.

Treasure Grade Picture Possible Treasure Evolutions
Queen Bee's Sweat SS
Queen Bee's Sweat
Golden Goose Liver SS
Golden Goose Liver
Ice-cream Mountain's Sprinkle Snow SS
Ice-cream Mountain's Sprinkle Snow
Legendary Caramel Sword Hilt SS
Legendary Caramel Sword Hilt
Amazing Sunflower Seed S
Amazing Sunflower Seed
Colorful Sugary Cobwebs S
Colorful Sugary Cobwebs
Golden Maple Syrup S
Golden Maple Syrup
Over-whipped Cream S
Over-whipped Cream
Witch's Magical Kindling S
Witch's Magical Kindling
Mixed-flavor Cotton Candy S
Mixed-flavor Cotton Candy
Ultra-high Density Sugar Crystal S
Ultra High Density Sugar Crystal
Abyssal Fish's Glass Fin S
Abyssal Fish's Glass Fin
Red Chisel Chip S
Red Chisel Chip
Witch's Scented Oil A
Witch's Scented Oil
Tickly Cat Whiskers A
Tickly Cat Whiskers
Rainbow Earthworm A
Rainbow Earthworm
Nutritious Pumpkin Honey A
Nutritious Pumpkin Honey
Poisonous Frog's Belly Skin A
Poisonous Frog's Belly Skin
Caramelized Tree Bark A
Caramelized Tree Bark
Giant Octopus Sucker A
Giant Octopus Sucker
Hermit Crab's Home A
Hermit Crab's Home
The Last Strawberry B
The Last Strawberry
Hedgehog Spike B
Hedgehog Spike
Hollowed Out Pumpkin B
Hollowed Out Pumpkin
Shiny Snail's Shell B
Shiny Snail's Shell
Dried Bat Wing B
Dried Bat Wing
Real Wasabi C
Real Wasabi
Fuzzy Mold C
Fuzzy Mold
Sparkling Sugar Cube C
Sparkling Sugar Cube
Dry Pine Cone C
Dry Pine Cone
Dew Drop on a Petal C
Dew Drop on a Petal

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