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This Ingredient category lists all C, B, A, S, and SS Ingredients that appear in Episode 2: Primeval Jungle.

Treasure Grade Picture Possible Treasure Evolutions
Slate that Foresaw the Destruction SS
Slate that Foresaw the Destruction
Ultra-powerful Bean SS
Ultra-powerful Bean
Glistening Rainbow Shard SS
Glistening Rainbow Shard
100 Year Old Magic Tree Sap SS
Moonlight Evening Primrose SS
Moonlight Evening Primrose
Starlight Passion Flower SS
Starlight Passion Flower
Gold Leaf from the Choco Chateau S
Gold Leaf from the Choco Chateau
Broken Throne Fragment S
Broken Throne Fragment
Broken Crystal Ball S
Broken Crystal Ball
Steel Rose Thorn S
Steel Rose Thorn
Big Honey Snail's Honey Slime S
Big Honey Snail's Honey Slime
Golden Lake Mist S
Golden Lake Mist
Double Knotted Vine S
Double Knotted Vine
Pineapple Jam of Legends S
Pineapple Jam of Legends
Lotus of Wisdom S
Lotus of Wisdom
Pocket Thunder Cloud S
Pocket Thunder Cloud
Legendary Tribe's Liquor S
Legendary Tribe's Liquor
Green Tea Cliff Edge A
Green Tea Cliff Edge
Soul Shackle A
Soul Shackle
Color Splashed Grapes A
Color Splashed Grapes
Dungeon Candy A
Dungeon Candy
King Parrot's Crowned Beak A
King Parrot's Crowned Beak
Monkey's Red Butt Hair A
Monkey's Red Butt Hair
Piece of Burnt Scroll A
Piece of Burnt Scroll
Giant Dragonfly Wing A
Giant Dragonfly Wing
A Sugar Flower Petal A
A Sugar Flower Petal
Sticky Sundew B
Sticky Sundew
Chameleon Tongue B
Chameleon Tongue
Shattered Chandelier Piece B
Shattered Chandelier Piece
Sweet Sugar Cane B
Sweet Sugar Cane
Choco Dung Beetle's Food B
Choco Dung Beetle's Food
Hardened Wax C
Hardened Wax
Burnt-out Ashes C
Burnt-out Ashes

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