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This Ingredient category lists all C, B, A, S, and SS Ingredients that appear in Episode 3: Dragon's Valley.

Treasure Grade Picture Possible Treasure Evolutions
Melting Power Ring SS
Melting Power Ring
Fiery Phoenix Tear SS
Fiery Phoenix Tear
Chipped Royal Family Seal SS
Chipped Royal Family Seal
Bubbling Magma Chocolate SS
Bubbling Magma Chocolate
Magma Whale's Beard SS
Magma Whale's Beard
Dragon's Burning Hot Breath SS
Dragon's Burning Hot Breath
Crimson Crystal S
Crimson Crystal
Hellhound's Iron Claw S
Hellhound's Iron Claw
Angry Glacier Blast S
Angry Glacier Blast
Crater Dwelling Lava Flower S
Crater Dwelling Lava Flower
Lightning Struck Baobab Fruit S
Lightning Struck Baobab Fruit
Chocolate Fondue Biscuit S
Chocolate Fondue Biscuit
Broken Gold Cross S
Broken Gold Cross
Floating Blue Gem S
Floating Blue Gem
Rough Dragon Scale S
Rough Dragon Scale
Demon Blood S
Demon Blood
Bloodstone A
Blazing Fire Poker A
Blazing Fire Poker
Rare Tiny Organism A
Rare Tiny Organism
Scorching Hot Spring Water A
Scorching Hot Spring Water
Baby Dragon Doodle A
Baby Dragon Doodle
Salamander Tail A
Salamander Tail
Golden Button A
Golden Button
Chocolate Magma Block B
Chocolate Magma Block
Giant Sulfuric Volcano Egg B
Giant Sulfuric Volcano Egg
Flaming Marshmallow B
Flaming Marshmallow
Flame Glow Acorn B
Flame Glow Acorn
Lava Splatter C
Lava Splatter
Heavy Tree Branch C
Heavy Tree Branch

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