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This Ingredient category lists all C, B, A, S, and SS Ingredients that appear in Special Episode 2: Tower of Frozen Waves.

Treasure Grade Picture Possible Treasure Evolutions
Ice Clam's Icy Pearls SS
Ice Clam's Icy Pearls
Sea Fairy's Frozen Tear Drop SS
Sea Fairy's Frozen Tear Drop
Golden Sea Serpent's Scales SS
Golden Sea Serpent's Scales
Red Lionfish's Splendid Fin S
Red Lionfish's Splendid Fin
Frozen Flower Petal S
Frozen Flower Petal
Deep-sea Firefly's Glow Dust S
Deep-sea Firefly's Glow Dust
Somehow Frozen Aurora Piece S
Somehow Frozen Aurora Piece
Handful of Ice Salt A
Handful of Ice Salt
Goblin Shark's Red Tooth A
Goblin Shark's Red Tooth
Frozen Sea Breeze A
Frozen Sea Breeze
Deep-sea Mussel Meat B
Deep-sea Mussel Meat
Tripodfish's Third Leg B
Tripodfish's Third Leg
Tentacles of Giant Jellyfish B
Tentacles of Giant Jellyfish
Broken Snowflake Candy C
Broken Snowflake Candy
Blue Whale's Beard C
Blue Whale's Beard

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