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From: User blog:Kevsuc/Improvement on Icons

Hello folks!

To make Cookie Run articles, blogs, and any posts you made more colorful, I've made some adjustments and additions into our favorite icons.

  1. New icons for Keys, Lives, and Check has been created.
  2. Older icons (Coin, Crystal, MP, and GP) has been updated with a clearer image.
  3. All currency icons, keys, lives, Check, and Cross has been resized to 20 pixel wide to improve visibility. Meanwhile, all grade icons has been resized to 50 pixel wide.

To include these icons into your article, simply change the editing mode into Source Editor mode, and type the following code:

If you type... Result Example use
{{Coin}} Coin 001 With Coin Farming, you can get up to 100,000 Coin 001 per run.
{{Crystal}} CookieRunCrystal It's better to stack your Crystal until you have 119 CookieRunCrystal where you can buy Supreme Treasure Chest Big Set.
{{MP}} MP Extracting S-grade treasures will give you 160 MP.
{{GP}} GP Sending lives gives you 3 GP, while receiving it from friends gives you 5 GP.
{{Key}} Key The reward for finishing this mission is 2 Key.
{{Life}} Lives I have over 8,000 Lives to spend on. Do you have ideas?
{{Medal}} Medal I collected Medal 100 from today's new high score. Woo-hoo!
  • Have Brown Cookie OK
  • Have Yellow Cookie
  • Get 100M points OK
  • Get 125M points Cross
{{C}} C Grade Usually included in the infobox, not between text/article.

See these pages for example:

{{B}} B Grade
{{A}} A Grade
{{S}} S Grade
{{L}} L-grade
{{E}} E Grade

I hope this small improvement will also improve your Wikia experience. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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