Magnetic Drinks are a set of treasures that gives a small Magnetic Aura as well as another ability. Usually, the ability are slightly toned down from its full-ability treasure counterpart, but equipping the two treasure together, it will become stronger.

For example, Magnetic Energy Recovery Drink gives you up to 7% Slower Energy Drain. This is slightly lower than what Specially made Flaming Cocktail has to offer, which gives you 10%. But, equipping two Magnetic Energy Recovery Drink will give you a stronger energy drain decrease as well as bigger Magnetic Aura more than the Cocktail and The Rainbow Feather.

All of these drinks provide 50% Magnetic Aura. For comparison, Angel Cookie's Rainbow Feather provide you 90%. Equipping two Magnetic Drinks can provide you 100%.

Historically, the first Magnetic Drink in Cookie Run appears in 2nd Story with Magnetobuff Energy Drink in June 13, 2014. Seeing it as a popular Magnetic Aura alternative to the Angel Cookie's Holy Feather, Devsisters pushed more Magnetic Drinks into play. In September, more Magnetic Drinks are introduced, which debuts Cookie Energy Drink and Magnetic Rainbow Drink. Thus, a new series of treasures were made.

So far, all of these Magnetic Drinks received an evolved form from Cookie Run: New World, which greatly enhance the functionality of the variable ability. The Magnetic Aura stays the same.

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