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This Ingredient category lists all S-grade Ingredients.

Treasure Ep. Picture Possible Treasure Evolutions
Amazing Sunflower Seed 1
Amazing Sunflower Seed
Colorful Sugary Cobwebs 1
Colorful Sugary Cobwebs
Golden Maple Syrup 1
Golden Maple Syrup
Over-whipped Cream 1
Over-whipped Cream
Witch's Magical Kindling 1
Witch's Magical Kindling
Mixed-flavor Cotton Candy 1
Mixed-flavor Cotton Candy
Ultra-high Density Sugar Crystal 1
Ultra High Density Sugar Crystal
Abyssal Fish's Glass Fin 1
Abyssal Fish's Glass Fin
Red Chisel Chip 1
Red Chisel Chip
Gold Leaf from the Choco Chateau 2
Gold Leaf from the Choco Chateau
Broken Throne Fragment 2
Broken Throne Fragment
Broken Crystal Ball 2
Broken Crystal Ball
Steel Rose Thorn 2
Steel Rose Thorn
Big Honey Snail's Honey Slime 2
Big Honey Snail's Honey Slime
Golden Lake Mist 2
Golden Lake Mist
Double Knotted Vine 2
Double Knotted Vine
Pineapple Jam of Legends 2
Pineapple Jam of Legends
Lotus of Wisdom 2
Lotus of Wisdom
Pocket Thunder Cloud 2
Pocket Thunder Cloud
Legendary Tribe's Liquor 2
Legendary Tribe's Liquor
Crimson Crystal 3
Crimson Crystal
Hellhound's Iron Claw 3
Hellhound's Iron Claw
Angry Glacier Blast 3
Angry Glacier Blast
Crater Dwelling Lava Flower 3
Crater Dwelling Lava Flower
Lightning Struck Baobab Fruit 3
Lightning Struck Baobab Fruit
Chocolate Fondue Biscuit 3
Chocolate Fondue Biscuit
Broken Gold Cross 3
Broken Gold Cross
Floating Blue Gem 3
Floating Blue Gem
Rough Dragon Scale 3
Rough Dragon Scale
Demon Blood 3
Demon Blood
Cloud Angel's Wing 4
Cloud Angel's Wing
Mandrgora's Honey Ginseng 4
Mandrgora's Honey Ginseng
Time Stopping Powder 4
Time Stopping Powder
Wind-Up Doll's Golden Winder 4
Wind-Up Doll's Golden Winder
Time Binding Magic Band 4
Time Binding Magic Band
Fragment of Mirror Reflecting Destruction 4
Fragment of Mirror Reflecting Destruction
Unicorn's Rainbow Horn 4
Unicorn's Rainbow Horn
Candy Planet's Sugar Ring 5
Candy Planet's Sugar Ring
Red Sugar Cube 5
Red Sugar Cube
Rainbow Jelly Frog Egg 5
Rainbow Jelly Frog Egg
Fossilized Amber 5
Fossilized Amber
Electric Eel Gill S1
Electric Eel Gill
Soul of a Gray Whale S1
Soul of a Gray Whale
15g of Arctic Aurora S1
15g of Arctic Aurora
Salt Crystals from the Black Sea S1
Salt Crystals from the Black Sea
Red Lionfish's Splendid Fin S2
Red Lionfish's Splendid Fin
Frozen Flower Petal S2
Frozen Flower Petal
Deep-sea Firefly's Glow Dust S2
Deep-sea Firefly's Glow Dust
Somehow Frozen Aurora Piece S2
Somehow Frozen Aurora Piece

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