Celestial Star is an A-grade pet in LINE Cookie Run and a Rare Pet in Cookie Run: OvenBreak that accompanies Angel Cookie. It has the ability to revive a cookie once.


(LINE) Revives Cookies that run out of Energy.

(OvenBreak) Revives Cookie once. Level Up will increase the amount of Energy the Cookie revives with.


(LINE) It makes the hardest wish come true - breathes Energy into exhausted Cookies.

(OvenBreak) This twinkling star belonged to Angel Cookie ever since it was first baked in the oven. I wonder how, I wonder why, the Celestial Star, fell from the sky.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
1 With 70 Energy N/A
2 With 80 Energy 17,000
3 With 90 Energy 20,000
4 With 100 Energy 23,000
5 With 110 Energy 26,000
6 With 120 Energy 29,000
7 With 130 Energy 35,000
8 With 140 Energy 42,000


  • This pet is named Wishing Star in the LINE version of Cookie Run.
  • In LINE, maxing out the pet will give you Wishing Star Dust as a reward.