Quote1 Bunny Magic!! Quote2
―Newsletter on Cinnamon Bunny

Cinnamon Bunny is an S-grade pet that accompanies Cinnamon Cookie and was released on February 5, 2016.

Skill Edit

Throws Cinnamon Bomb, destroying obstacles and creating Cinnamon Bunnies at a given interval. Strawberry Cinnamon Bun Jelly recovers Energy.

Description Edit

On a sweet, sweet day, Cinnamon Cookie pulled this rabbit out of its hat. But this special rabbit refused to re-enter the hat! Cinnamon Cookie forcefully pushed and rolled this rabbit into the hat, and ta-da! Cinnamon Bunny was born! Get it? Bun-ny? Although Cinnamon Cookie now gave up on putting it back in the hat, this little bunny is still full of suspicion.


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Bunny Magic every 24 seconds N/A
Bunny Magic every 23 seconds 29,000
Bunny Magic every 22 seconds 31,000
Bunny Magic every 21 seconds 34,000
Bunny Magic every 20 seconds 36,000
Bunny Magic every 19 seconds 38,000
Bunny Magic every 18 seconds 47,000
Bunny Magic every 17 seconds 56,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Cinnamon Cookie
Cinnamon Cookie (S) Extra points for Cinnamon Card Jelly

Gallery Edit

Pet Name in Other Languages Edit

  • Thai: กระต่ายซินนามอน
  • Japanese: シナモンロールウサギ
  • Traditional Chinese:
  • Korean: 시나몬롤 토끼