Clean-up Campaign is an event promoting users to fair play and refrain themselves from using hacks or cheats. In the past players have received various newsletter about unfair play and others using forbidden hacks, cheats, or bots. They warned that breaking the rules will have consequences (up to permanent ban from playing the game) and encouraged normal players to stay fair so everyone would have fun.

However, in the recent campaign, Cookie Run is starting to reward players who have been playing without unsolicited method - the player are just required to reach stage 3 "in a fair way to play" during the event period. Reward can be only earned once.

List of Clean-up Campaign AppearanceEdit

So far, this event has only been held twice. The very first time, the time span for the event is very short. The reward could only received before 3 September 2014, 5pm (GMT+9) just the same day the newsletter came. The second campaign goes from 7 September 2014 until 10 September 2014 and you can earn different rewards every day.

Event Period Reward
3 September 2014, midnight to 5p.m. (GMT+9) 15 Crystal
7 September 2014 2 Boost Set
8 September 2014 2 Great Treasure Lottery Ticket
10 September 2014, midnight to 5p.m. (GMT+9) 15 Crystal

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