Quote1 Who said I'm high maintenance? Quote2
―Coffee Cookie

Coffee Cookie is an A-grade Cookie.

Skill Edit

Recovers up to 29% more Energy from Potions.

Description Edit

A classic example of a city Cookie, she refuses to start the day without a cup of coffee. She loves meeting up with friends, shopping for designer bags, and Pilates. Infused with strong coffee, she recovers faster with each Energy Potion.


There is no deep strategy with Coffee Cookie in terms of generating points or collecting coins - she can do neither. However, she is excellent for practice runs (where you practice a stage to familiarize yourself with the layout) or endurance runs (where you try to run as far as you can, mainly for fun) due to her skill which drastically increases the Energy you get from Energy Potions.

It is commonplace to pair her up with pets that grants Energy Potions like Enchanted Locket, Tea Cup or Castanets and using 3 Coma Inducing Choco Croissant. It will allow her to run for very long periods of time. Zombie Cookie and Fire Spirit Cookie are popular relay choices due to their multiple revives.

Statistics Edit

Level Energy Skill Upgrade Cost
130 Potion restores 20% more Energy N/A
134 Potion restores 21% more Energy Coin 001 17,000
138 Potion restores 22% more Energy Coin 001 19,000
142 Potion restores 23% more Energy Coin 001 21,000
146 Potion restores 24% more Energy Coin 001 23,000
150 Potion restores 25% more Energy Coin 001 25,000
150 Potion restores 27% more Energy Coin 001 30,000
150 Potion restores 29% more Energy Coin 001 35,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Pet Combi Bonus
Mocha Delight
Mocha Delight (B) Reduce 30% Pet’s cooldown

Loading MessagesEdit

  • It's sales season. Let's go shopping!
  • Something low carb, low calorie, and fat free please!
  • Who said I'm high maintenance?
  • Up for a coffee? I know a good place.
  • Nothing beats a good cup of coffee...

Trivia Edit

  • Coffee Cookie is the only cookie with an urban lifestyle. Judging by her description and loading messages, she loves to shop, to drink coffee, and to have a good taste of fashion.
  • Coffee Cookie always make sure her coffee is upright no matter what while running, even during her double jumps. During her double jumps she throws her coffee in the air and catches it before landing.
  • Her coffee glass resembles the a coffee cup of Starbucks Coffee (as the company popularizes such coffee cup packaging).
  • Coffee Cookie's bag has the words "I♥NY". I♥NY itself is an advertisement campaign used by the New York State Empire State Development to promote the tourism in New York City.
  • Coffee Cookie, said by the game developers[1], is the administrator of the official Cookie Run Facebook page.
  • During the Halloween Party 2014 and 2015, Coffee Cookie dressed up as a banana.
  • As seen from the Cookie Run for Kakao Season 1 Loading Screen, Coffee Cookie had a green logo on her cup, this would might take reference to Starbucks.


Audio GalleryEdit






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