Quote1 Do you want to be rich? Quote2
―Cookie Run Newsletter on Coin Scale

Coin Scale is an S-grade pet that was released alongside with Jelly Scale. It has the ability of converting points you earn in the run (not from the Level Bonus) into coins. Upgrading the scale will not increase the conversion rate, but rather will speed up the conversion time, making it is far more efficient.

This pet, alongside with Jelly Scale are the only pets that changes both coins and points for the other. Coin Scale deduct the player's points in favor of coins, which makes it impossible for players to gain high score with this pet.


Converts Points into Coins at regular intervals. (There is a limit to the amount he can convert at any one time.) Upgrades will make the conversion rate faster.

Conversion Rate Edit

In both Cookie Run: Edge of the World and Cookie Run: New World, the maximum conversion that the pet could take in one time is stated in the table below.

Changes... Into...
300,000 points Coin 001 160
1,875 points Coin 001 1

Thus, the conversion formula is: $ \frac{\text{P}}{300,000}\ \times\ 160 = \text{C} $, where $ \text{P} \le 300,000 $
$ \text{P} $ and $ \text{C} $ means the points and coins earned, respectively.


Sure, every object has it's own purpose and function, but with Coins, you can get your hands on ALL of them! If you're a Coin lover, this Scale is the ultimate pet to have by your side. This scale does far more than simply weigh the coins. It also converts points to coins, and let's face it...we could all do with a few extra coins!


Level Skill Effect Upgrade Cost
Every 6 sec it changes N/A
Every 5.7 sec it changes 29,000
Every 5.4 sec it changes 31,000
Every 5.1 sec it changes 34,000
Every 4.8 sec it changes 36,000
Every 4.5 sec it changes 38,000
Every 4.2 sec it changes 47,000
Every 4 sec it changes 56,000

Possible Combination Bonus Edit

Cookie Combi Bonus
Alchemist Cookie
Alchemist Cookie (S) 20% extra XP

Trivia Edit

  • Coin scale is regarded as the ultimate pet to collect coins from The City of Wizards update due to the new cookies being able to generate enough points to be converted at maximum so there is no idle time. It is also used to collect coins by means of Auto Farming.
  • As Coin Scale is the only known item to deduce points, the in-game "Next Goal" may be confusing. Once you pass a person in the in-game "Next Goal", they will no longer appear even if your score goes under again. For example, if your friends Amanda and Brian respectively scored 200,000 and 400,000, your "Next Goal" will change from Amanda to Brian once you pass the 200,000 benchmark. However, when Coin Scale converts those points into coins and your score surges under 200,000 again, your "Next Goal" will still be Brian.
  • In Cookie Run: OvenBreak, there was no Jelly Scale and Coin Scale, but there was an Energy Scale. Energy Scale's skill was that when a cookie lost all energy, it converted coins to energy.